So, I hear we’re due for some more snow in the forecast on Wednesday! I was sitting in my living room thinking about the snow, being snowed in, and being able to go out in the snow. So, heres my question what is the perfect snowy day to you? Here’s my perfect day!
First I’d sleep in, then I would get up and get ready, go to Panera Bread and have some delicious soup and a dessert. Then I’d go to the mall and shop for a couple hours. I’d come home make some cookies and sit down and watch movies until I fell asleep! Now that is one relaxing snowy day in my mind! I’d like to say I would go sledding but in all reality I’m not a girl that likes the cold. I have maybe sledded about 5 times total in my adult life. Although, when I went tubing one cold night during the days of LP, I loved every moment! So, wondering what is your idea of a perfect snowy day?


It’s been awhile, so much has changed

okay, okay, okay! I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve been busy…you know, having a baby, helping to launch a church, working in the kids ministry at Catalyst Church, and starting back to work. I’m hoping to be a regular on here again pretty quickly! Let’s see how I do…anyone out there anymore? Just curious??? Well stay tuned there really is more to come.

Summer is here…

I guess we finally are getting our summer! It’s gonna be a hazy, hot, and humid week! I can’t believe how much of these we’ve seen lately either!
I’m just trying to stay cool and dry at the same time…not sure that’s possible at all? Have a great week 🙂

What if…

Just wondering, what if you had $50 a month that you got to spend on yourself? You had to spend it on the same thing every month and it had to be indulgent on yourself! What would you do? Me, I’m thinking I’d spend it on getting my hair done! But enough about me, what would you do?

Then I found this:

If you are in or near New York city, call 866-7-BUMBLE to reach Bumble and Bumble hair salon and arrange for your free haircut.

Not sure if you know, but Bumble and Bumble is a famous salon in Manhattan! I’m thinking to myself, it’s time to plan a trip to NYC! So now what would I spend the $50 a month on? Oh yeah the train trip and lunch in the city that day!

The Waiting Game

Ever sit by the phone and wait for someone to call you? I am absolutely, positively, by no chance, one of those people. If people say they’re going to call me and they don’t I usually don’t mind at all. Matter in fact, I usually don’t even think about it again. There are a very few things in life that I truly can’t just let roll of my back, so to speak. I’m not a girl to hold grudges, I’m not a girl to get my hopes up much, I’m not a girl who sits and plays the waiting game with anyone really. Except for lately! I can’t say I’m sitting and waiting (cuz we all know I have two young kids), but I can say that I’ve gotten my hopes up. I think in the back of my head to myself “yeah, they’ll do it, they’ll come through, I just know they will. I mean they said it with their own lips”. The truth is, since I don’t usually get hung up on this stuff, when it finally happens and I do wait for a call, it kills me on the inside. I don’t necessarily begrudge the person who said it, but I get mad at myself for allowing this to happen! Life is crazy, it’s short, there’s so much that needs to be done, so why worry about someone who doesn’t come through? Honestly, why wait? I have to move on, I know I do, it’s just hard.

Wonder how God feels sometimes? Is he sitting by playing “the waiting game” for me, or for us? Man, I hope not! Today’s the day, I need to check myself! Am I playing that with God? Cuz it sure doesn’t feel good playing it with others, so I best not be playing it with Him! Are youplaying “the waiting game”? Are you leaving Him in the dust? Cuz He won’t play “the waiting game” for long. After all, life is too short, if we’re not willing to move in life for Him, He’s gonna go find someone else to do business for Him! Lord, may I allow You to use me to Your fullest potential, the potential that You planned me to be. May I not leave you waiting for me, use me to fulfill Your plans. Amen. On that note, stop waiting and just do it, I know I will. Have a great day 🙂phone-call

Job Listing

I got an email this week:

I have a well established general practice in the U.S. Virgin Islands on the island of St. Thomas. I am a Univeristy of Southern California graduate. I have been here since 1973.

My staff has been with me for many of those years. I currently have two full time hygienists, one having been with me for 22 years and the other for 15 years. We have a dedicated hygiene assistant. We work about a 36 hour week and finish about 3:30, Mon-Thur, and occasional Fridays. The office has digital x-rays, a surgical microscope and a diode laser that is begging for a hygienist to come and teach us how to use. We are friendly and care about our patients and the quality of dentistry we provide. Our hygiene program has been so successful with recare that we are booked six months in advance thus the need for a third person.

Am very interested in hygienist having local anesthesia experience. Experience with root planning and curettage is a must. Being able to motivate patients is important as well.
Living in the Virgin Islands and enjoying the beautiful sea and sky is a perk that goes along with the job.

OH MAN! What a great opportunity! That would have been one fun summer for the kids and Michael and me! Oh wait, I’d be working 4 days a week. But that’s okay, there’s a giant work that needs to be done right here in Middletown!

Am I alone on this one?


I feel as though I can NEVER catch up on our laundry! What will it be like when there is yet another little baby in the house? I am so thankful for where we live and that God has provided so much, in fact, I wondered when we moved in how I would like having to do laundry in the basement? (in our home in Virginia the laundry closet was outside our bedroom on the second floor…that was one genius of a builder who thought of that, it was awesome. It made laundry so easy!), anyway, I digress…so how would I like doing laundry in the basement? Well, it turns out it’s great cuz each time I make the trek to do a load of laundry I burn some extra calories. And well, lets face it, after number 3 comes along, I’ll need lots of calorie burning! So, for now, I love the basement laundry, and in my future, I will once again find a laundry closet on the same floor as my bedrooms!
PS: that is not the washer/ dryer area in my house, but a girl can dream, can’t she!