I’m desperate to get into a GOOD Bible Study…I have somehow let that go on the wayside with everything that’s been going on lately! It’s no excuse whatsoever, but none the less it’s where I’m at. I’m not saying I have to have a long, in-depth study. I’m not sure at this point in my life that would actually be feasible. After all, I want it to be something I can hit everyday and grow spiritually. I’m thinking with two young children and another child on the way it may be absurd to think I can sit and do a 45-60 minute study each night or morning. So, here’s where all of you come in…does anyone know of a GOOD study out there? It can be on anything, throw some ideas out there and I’ll do the research from there on which study will best fit where I’m at spiritually right now! I’d love to hear your ideas and your input! Thanks so much! I’m dying to see who will respond to this post!!! Although I may have lost all my loyal readers cuz I seem to never post anymore. I’d love to tell you that will change, but lets not commit to something I can’t guarantee to come through on! Have a good night and start commenting! I can’t wait ūüôā


did you know?

It takes the burning of 3,500 calories to equal 1 pound of weight loss? Ok, I thought that was a lot of calories…and then I realized I wanna actually burn 70,000 calories to reach my goal! That sounds really scary! But, I think I’m determined.
Not that you’ll see me burning even one calorie on this treadmill bike, although if I get desperate you never can tell. I mean, really, if I had just 3500 more calories to go, I may consider sporting one of these babies to work for a few days!

Just wondering…

Will any of us look like this at 40?
Oh wait, NO! I don’t do botox or any other surgery…oh well, hopefully I got some good DNA that allows me to be somewhat wrinkle free in life….oh, I guess I can always airbrush my photos too! If you have any secrets on how to look this good at 40 do tell!

Blissfully Domestic!

I found this on one of the blogs I follow! ¬†I have to say, I’m horrible at taking care of myself, and frankly after reading this, I am going to commit to be better. ¬†¬†If I am, it’ll make me a better wife and mother! ¬†(If you click on the title below it’ll bring you to their site, and trust me there is plenty of great stuff there, have at it!).

5 Ways Wives Must Pamper Themselves

As modern women, we are a walking a tightrope, barely able to balance the needs of others and attempt to care for ourselves. Wives that work outside the home must come home and do the ‘second shift’ of cooking, cleaning, and nurturing. Wives who stay home are often left feeling isolated and lonely. Stay home moms very often lack the much needed companionship and support of other women.

Women must have the emotional resources available to give love to their husbands and children. We have all heard the analogy to the airplane’s oxygen mask. In case of emergency, we are instructed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others. This is just like our daily lives because we can’t take care of others if we are about to collapse.

Here are 5 ways that wives must pamper themselves. Remember, without caring for ourselves, we can’t properly care for others!

  1. Go To Sleep.¬†Lack of sleep causes weight gain, depression, wrinkles and a short temper. Try to sleep 8 hours a day, but never ever let yourself get less than 6. Turn off that show you Tivo’d and get some rest!
  2. Get Your Blood Pumping. Everyday, weather permitting, go for a walk for 20-30 minutes. Put the kids in a stroller and load up on bikes. Find another Mommy in the neighborhood to join you for adult interaction. Just a bit of exercise will boost your health, happiness and your bottom!
  3. Pray. Researchers have proven time and time again that prayer is strongly associated with lower stress levels. If you are not someone who has not tried prayer, I strongly recommend giving it a try.
  4. Reach Out to Your Friends. We are designed to love and support eachother. Women with close friends, with whom they can safely share their emotions and thoughts, are much happier. So get talking: over coffee, on the phone, or at the League of Extraordinary Wives. It is imperative that you have a support network of loving friends.
  5. Look in the Mirror. I know, it is not fun, but take a few moments to examine what you see. How long has it been since you gave yourself attention? If it has been longer than you like, it is a perfect time to get this part of life in balance. Schedule a haircut, put on sunscreen and take a peek at 

I quit the gym

Today, I officially cancelled my membership to the YMCA. ¬†I’m so tired of paying $42.00 a month and not using it. ¬†I figure, this month I will put my $42.00 towards “Bikes or Bust”…but somebody better hold me accountable and remind me to join “WOW” right after “Bikes or Bust” is over. ¬†I need to be the best wife and mom that I can be, and it starts with taking care of myself so I can be around for a longggggggg time to nag my family! ¬†Come January 1st someone ask me did I join the gym yet…Good night for now ūüôā

Mother’s Day!

Today was such a wonderful day! ¬†First I received the best outfit ever from my wonderful husband and two awesome babies. ¬†Michael gave Aidan the giftbag and told him to bring it to mom. ¬†He dragged it over and said something to the effect of “this is for you, mom”. ¬†I asked him why are you giving me a present? ¬†He then told me. and I quote, “cause I love you!”. ¬†It was heart meltingly sweet.¬†


Then we set off for breakfast together! ¬†It was fun just to be as a family together. ¬†It’s not very often we enjoy time just the four of us, with no interruptions! ¬†It was awesome. ¬†Then dad went to church and the kids and I went to the local nursery to get flowers and plants for other important people in our lives (you know, like grandma and nannie). ¬†


Anyway, the day was wonderful, I even got a new bike from my family! ¬†Now there is no excuse to not get into some kind of good shape! ¬†It’s time to get back on track. ¬†I love that with a new bike, I may even get times to ride with Michael (any babysitters available???) J/K…maybe! hahaha


Well, hopefully I can get some pics of my new stuff and post it later in the week, but for now, see ya later!

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Even camo can’t hide this muffin top! I’m tired of the muffin top style that so many of us flaunt! This look is what is keeping me a member at the YMCA!¬† Joann, I’ll see you on the treadmill in the morning. (And the elliptical, and the bike, and the stair stepper, and the…)camomuffin.jpg