I’m desperate to get into a GOOD Bible Study…I have somehow let that go on the wayside with everything that’s been going on lately! It’s no excuse whatsoever, but none the less it’s where I’m at. I’m not saying I have to have a long, in-depth study. I’m not sure at this point in my life that would actually be feasible. After all, I want it to be something I can hit everyday and grow spiritually. I’m thinking with two young children and another child on the way it may be absurd to think I can sit and do a 45-60 minute study each night or morning. So, here’s where all of you come in…does anyone know of a GOOD study out there? It can be on anything, throw some ideas out there and I’ll do the research from there on which study will best fit where I’m at spiritually right now! I’d love to hear your ideas and your input! Thanks so much! I’m dying to see who will respond to this post!!! Although I may have lost all my loyal readers cuz I seem to never post anymore. I’d love to tell you that will change, but lets not commit to something I can’t guarantee to come through on! Have a good night and start commenting! I can’t wait šŸ™‚


6 Responses to “HELP!!!!!!!”

  1. rachellarkin Says:

    I just found this if any moms go to leave a comment you may like it too!

  2. Joann Little Says:

    that is a really cool site Rach. One I will check in on.
    The proverbs a day works for me right now cause it is pretty timeless. I still keep saying I will finish Esther… I actually did 2 more weeks. Let me know if you find anything else.

  3. stephlsblog Says:

    That book I was telling you about “Rattled: Surviving Your Baby’s First Year Without Losing Your Cool” is a good one. It’s not the typical baby book all about baby care and stuff you already know (I think there is a little of that, but it’s much more about what we go through as new mothers that is true no matter how many kids we have). Each chapter has (to quote from the intro):
    ” ~ WATER FROM THE WORD. Bible verses at the beginning of each chapter remind you to focus on God’s Word through the mommy adventures that lie ahead.
    ~ FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Facts and statistics about the first year of motherhood will intrigue and inspire you.
    ~FAITH ON FIRE. A closing prayer at the end of every chapter reminds you to lean on Jesus throughout your journey.
    ~ SHELTER FROM THE STORM. Stories and advice from moms across the country will make you laugh, cry, and remember you are not alone on this mothering journey.
    ~ FIRST-AID KIT. These practical tips will help you simplify life as a mom–kind of like mom-size Band-Aids.
    ~SOS (SPIRITUAL OPPORTUNITY TO SAVOR). In the wilderness you send out an SOS for help. We need to ask God for help too-so at the end of every chapter I’ve added a mom-sized devotional, a Spiritual Opportunity to Savor. This will offer busy moms like you the opportunity to renew and refresh your spiritual life.”

    The SOS is the best part, I think. There is also a whole chapter called “Renewing Your Faith: The Spiritual Life of a Mom” which I haven’t gotten to yet, but it sounds good.

    Anyway it’s a really good book. You can look at mine to see if you like it if you want.

    I’ll def check out that website, and also see if I can find anything else.


  4. Rachel Says:

    I was also told these titles by my mother in law if anyone else is llooking:
    he is my life
    he is my all
    he is my freedom

    these are all written by Debbie alsdorf

  5. Sarette Says:

    Hey Rachel, good to see you post again! This is more of a question than an answer to yours, but do you know where online you can download the individual Beth Moore videos? Because I a dying to get into Daniel, but that one is video-based, you said. That one sounds seriously awesome, and if by chance you choose to do it, let me know because I would love to go through it with you! If not though, it’s alright! šŸ™‚ Hope you find what you’re looking for! Check for a huge selection and low prices!

    • rachellarkin Says:

      ahhh, sarette, I know someone who has the dvd’s to that, and I would love to do it. let me get back to you before I commit, it’s not something I wanna fall back on!

      To find individual sessions go to and they sell them at $5 p/session, not sure if they have all her studies up yet though.

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