Lesson Learned

So I’m not sure really how to start this post. I made a huge blunder in life recently! I mean BIG…I am not going to get into the details on it, but trust me, if I did it to you, there would be problems between me and you. I felt horrible after I did it! It’s one of those things that you kick yourself over and over for, and worst of all, it impacts relationships you have for a really long time. I hate those mess ups in life. The hardest part is to move on. You can ask for forgiveness from people and they can say yes, but truth be told, there is a long period before things ever go back to “normal”. With some people things never go back to “normal”. So, in the midst of it all I can say I learned my lesson, so to speak. I hate how sometimes in life you struggle and struggle with the same “pit” over and over. It’s so frustrating, the funny thing is as I went through this it helped me to realize just a little bit more about the love of my Saviour. As I was hurting because of the stunt I pulled (which is crazy because in all actuality it’s the other person who hurts, but somehow guilt makes you feel crazy awful) anyway, at one point, my son, who has no idea what was going on inside of me, comes to me, out of the clear blue, and says “mom, I love you”. Wow!!! I needed to hear that! I needed that so much. Then I started thinking to myself, oh man, one day, Aidan or Cameron is going to find themselves in a situation where they feel awful about themselves and what they did. Ouch! I can’t even stand to think of that day! Then I thought, how I hope they come to me, because, truth be told, there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING they can do to make me love them any less. I would just want to hold them, and listen to them, and let them cry in my arms. I would just want to comfort them! So that leads me to this thought. Actually a couple thoughts:

1. Sometimes a child no matter how old, needs their mom or dad
2. Amazing to me the love a parent has for their child and how it’s never changing no matter what is done in life (don’t think you really get this until you have children).
3. If a parental love on this earth (which is full of sin and distress) is this strong how much stronger and bigger and mammoth is the love of our Heavenly Father for us? I mean He is perfect love!

Okay, that third one got me good! That’s crazy! He loves me! He loves you! He loves my kids, and your kids, and your parents, and your siblings! He loves us more than we could ever even begin to imagine! That’s crazy, that’s awesome, that’s huge! I know Him personally, He is my heavenly Father, and I have His love ALL of the time!


3 Responses to “Lesson Learned”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Don’t ever think you are never loved. You are sooo loved Rachel. If you need a reminder you can call your family anytime. All of us love you very much.

  2. Sandra Says:

    mmmmm, have NO idea what you’re going through, praying for you…remember it will pass. God is good; brings us through it all (praise Him for that, for sure) and then wonderful blessings ahead. We love you and think of you
    daily, keeping you in our prayers. Oh yes, you can call us anytime, reverse charges luvy. :o)

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