The Waiting Game

Ever sit by the phone and wait for someone to call you? I am absolutely, positively, by no chance, one of those people. If people say they’re going to call me and they don’t I usually don’t mind at all. Matter in fact, I usually don’t even think about it again. There are a very few things in life that I truly can’t just let roll of my back, so to speak. I’m not a girl to hold grudges, I’m not a girl to get my hopes up much, I’m not a girl who sits and plays the waiting game with anyone really. Except for lately! I can’t say I’m sitting and waiting (cuz we all know I have two young kids), but I can say that I’ve gotten my hopes up. I think in the back of my head to myself “yeah, they’ll do it, they’ll come through, I just know they will. I mean they said it with their own lips”. The truth is, since I don’t usually get hung up on this stuff, when it finally happens and I do wait for a call, it kills me on the inside. I don’t necessarily begrudge the person who said it, but I get mad at myself for allowing this to happen! Life is crazy, it’s short, there’s so much that needs to be done, so why worry about someone who doesn’t come through? Honestly, why wait? I have to move on, I know I do, it’s just hard.

Wonder how God feels sometimes? Is he sitting by playing “the waiting game” for me, or for us? Man, I hope not! Today’s the day, I need to check myself! Am I playing that with God? Cuz it sure doesn’t feel good playing it with others, so I best not be playing it with Him! Are youplaying “the waiting game”? Are you leaving Him in the dust? Cuz He won’t play “the waiting game” for long. After all, life is too short, if we’re not willing to move in life for Him, He’s gonna go find someone else to do business for Him! Lord, may I allow You to use me to Your fullest potential, the potential that You planned me to be. May I not leave you waiting for me, use me to fulfill Your plans. Amen. On that note, stop waiting and just do it, I know I will. Have a great day šŸ™‚phone-call


4 Responses to “The Waiting Game”

  1. Sarette Says:

    Aw Rach you are the best about this stuff! I’m surprised to hear otherwise, but I am praying they come through for you and this doesn’t lead to disappointment! Don’t get hung up on it, it’s not worth it… Believe me!! šŸ™‚

  2. stephlsblog Says:

    We love you Rachel

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