Like Mother, like daughter

oh wait no! It’s more like brother like sister! I remember when I was first pregnant with Cameron, I took Aidan to the pediatricians for his 18 month check up. The pediatrician told me congratulations and then said I have something to share with you. I was worried, I was thinking what could it possibly be? Then he told me! This is what he shared:
He told me, you know how your son looks at everything you do and your husband does? I immediately could relate to what he said! Yes, yes, our boy wants so badly to please us and to be just like us in one way or another. Well, the pediatrician shared with me this is NOT how the second child will be. No, she will long to imitate her brother, she will long to be like him. He (Aidan), not me, not Michael, will be her hero! I found that so hard to believe. I thought to myself, that can’t be? But now 23 months after having her, I see exactly what he meant that day! Cameron still likes to snuggle with mom and dad, she likes to please us, she likes to be with us. But there is nothing in her life that can compare to her Big Brother! He is the person in life for many years she will mold herself after! It’s crazy! I love watching her imitate him in so many ways! I can’t help but wonder, what will number three be like? Will he/she look to Cameron as their example, or Aidan, or mom and dad, or will they sway between all of us? I’m excited to learn all about it in the near future! Then I stopped and thought again (whoa! I know, this is a lot of thinking in one day), who do I mold myself after? I had to stop and evaluate that and then pray: Lord, help me to mold myself after You and You alone! Amen.


2 Responses to “Like Mother, like daughter”

  1. stephlsblog Says:

    I remember you told me that same thing when I got pregnant with Noah. He’s still a little too young to start that, but I can’t wait to see how they interact. Zach already gives him hugs and kisses and wants to check on him and make sure he’s okay especially if he’s crying. I love your prayer at the end there, that really made me think. Thanks for that 🙂

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