All that glitters…

I was talking to Aidan awhile back about littering. I have been trying to explain how littering isn’t something we want to do, and that we should always do our best to dispose of our trash. I thought it was falling on deaf ears until a few weeks ago. Here’s how it went down:

Aidan: Mom, I see glitter over there?

Me: (thinking it was from some art project). Really Aidan, that’s cool!

Aidan: Do you see it mom?

Me: No, glitter is hard to see.

Aidan: (giving me a strange look), it’s right there!

I then look over and see an empty juice box on the ground! Haha, he got it! He listens to more than I know, it’s amazing to me. He is one giant sponge just taking stuff in, even if he misses a letter or adds a letter to what I’m running on talking about. So now in my house there is no such thing as litter, nope, just glitter! Trust me, everywhere we go now, he’s pointing out all the glitter on the ground! There will be none of this stuff when Aidan’s around, he’s the glitter police!
My litter free showcase 016.JPG


3 Responses to “All that glitters…”

  1. Sandra Says:

    smart young man! Good for him.

  2. stephlsblog Says:

    Too cute. I did hear him talk about “glitter.” I think it was at the playground.

  3. Sarette Says:

    Yesterday he pointed out every piece of “glitter” on the floor… Shoes, toys, etc. It took me a while to realize what he was saying!

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