Am I alone on this one?


I feel as though I can NEVER catch up on our laundry! What will it be like when there is yet another little baby in the house? I am so thankful for where we live and that God has provided so much, in fact, I wondered when we moved in how I would like having to do laundry in the basement? (in our home in Virginia the laundry closet was outside our bedroom on the second floor…that was one genius of a builder who thought of that, it was awesome. It made laundry so easy!), anyway, I digress…so how would I like doing laundry in the basement? Well, it turns out it’s great cuz each time I make the trek to do a load of laundry I burn some extra calories. And well, lets face it, after number 3 comes along, I’ll need lots of calorie burning! So, for now, I love the basement laundry, and in my future, I will once again find a laundry closet on the same floor as my bedrooms!
PS: that is not the washer/ dryer area in my house, but a girl can dream, can’t she!


6 Responses to “Am I alone on this one?”

  1. stephlsblog Says:

    I’m right there with you on never catching up on the laundry. I do love that we have a washer and drier in our basement because before we didn’t have one at all. I would much rather cart the laundry up and down the stairs than all the way to my mom’s house. My mom has those type of washer and drier, and now I have just basic ones. Really the only major thing that makes a huge difference is that they hold more, so you can do more at a time, and they are more environmentally friendly and they look prettier LOL. I am hoping to eventually catch up from what I brought with us when we moved in that I had been waiting to do rather than bring to my mom’s, and then make some sort of system where I do whites one day, darks another day, kids stuff another day, sheets another day, towels another day, you get the idea. I am actually so excited to be able to do it at home that I actually like doing it right now. It gives me some sort of sense of accomplishment or something, while the rest of the house is in chaos. LOL.

  2. Sarette Says:

    Haha my big brother has those from the picture, and they are so pretty it makes me want to do laundry. Plus, instead of an annoying beep when they load is finished, they will sing you a song! So fancy! But seriously, I hear you. I think I did four loads today, and still it seems like my room is covered in dirty clothes! My washer is going to have a heart attack.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    haha, these are some good replies! Steph, I hear ya, we used to have to go to the laundry mat all the time when we were first married. It was the first 5 years of our marriage we did that. Then when we bought our house, the builder and his wife blessed us with the washer and dryer…and it was located upstairs to boot! It was so cool, I remember we told all the college students we worked with they were welcome to do laundry at our house for free anytime! haha, actually it’s the same washer and dryer almost 6 years later that we use in our basement today!

  4. randirobot Says:

    i want the electrolux that washes and dries your clothes in like 36 minutes or something crazy like that.

  5. rachellarkin Says:

    Randi, I love the commercial with Kelly Ripa on that product, I would love that one too! It’s so cool, and the stove that boils water in less than a minute! THat is just too crazy!

  6. Joann Little Says:

    and all those new appliances are supposed to be sound free..which I would love..
    I wish my washer and dryer was upstairs.. I lived in a house in Cali that had a closet door thing upstairs and you opened it and it was a laundry shoot than dropped the clothes downstairs in the laundry room. It was awesome.

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