Had my first outing with the kids to “Kid City” museum in Middletown, CT. The kids loved it, and I loved watching the whole experience. Grandma and I had plans for the beach that day but mother nature took over and this my friend, was our “plan B”. I have to say, I loved our “plan B”! Take a look for yourself:
Okay, so I got a little carried away with downloading these photos, but I didn’t know which ones to post, so I just posted most of them! And the best part is, I purchased a membership and now we can visit five different kids museums! Guess what we’ll be up to all year long?!


6 Responses to “KID CITY”

  1. lorraine nemecek Says:

    That was Fun Day!!!!!!!

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    I loved it! I can’t wait to do West Hartford on another rainy day!

  3. Sandra Says:

    Glad you visit other museums as well, they are priceless in the pictures, the top one of Cameron is gorgeous, wow, I almost thought it was someone else, she really was camera friendly here. And then their is Aidan, look at the guy! did he get a chance to drive the ‘train’ as well? I hope you let him. Love the pictures….ummmmmmmm carrots, does Aidan love them?
    If not, maybe he will now.

  4. Sandra Says:

    Isn’t Aidan a hoot in the head shot, good one! what 2 gorgeous kids.

  5. Joann Little Says:

    looks like fun when you go to the one in hartford let me know the girls would love it!
    Yea that head shot in the box thing… super cute!

  6. Stephanie Says:

    These are the best pictures! Can’t believe Aidan let someone else drive the car. Two beautiful children! I know you are sooo proud. Can’t wait to see what #3 looks like.

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