Ultrasound Today…

So, this morning is our ultrasound. This week, I’m half way through the pregnancy. I am a person that loves surprises…I wish my office had the new 4-d ultrasound machine where you can really see what your baby looks like:
But they don’t have that machine, so I’m sticking with the old fashioned ultrasound machine. I think Mike wants to know what we’re having. I really think I want a surprise, so I will wait to find out! One of the things I love about Michael is how he can keep a secret, he’s amazing at it. He’ll make the next twenty week so much fun for me and others. And I love that I know he can actually keep a secret without ever letting it leak or accidentally spill out! It’s gonna be a fun ride! So, what do you think it is?

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11 Responses to “Ultrasound Today…”

  1. Joann Little Says:

    that first picture kinda freaked me out. Ha!
    I love the surprises and how he shares them too… Can’t wait to see what baby Larkin #3 is.
    You are half way through alreadyyyyyyyyy!!!

  2. chellerose Says:

    my parents got one of the 4-d ultrasounds done for my little sister. they have the video dvd they give you that plays music over it and stuff. it’s so crazy what they can do, lol.

  3. faith Says:


  4. lorraine nemecek Says:

    Does Mike know what it is?????Im betting boy, but couldnt really tell. ha

  5. Sarette Says:

    I’m betting cat.
    Or boy, one of those.

  6. Sandra Says:

    hmmmmmm, looking like another ‘little’ david lettermen…boy or girl, so there!

  7. Emilie Says:

    HAHAHA SARETTE!!!! i was like dying when i read what she said!! lol… haha cat :p

    i say boy but the world will find out once that day in November comes around 🙂

  8. chellerose Says:

    i agree, i think it’ll be a boy!

  9. Rachel Says:

    oh, btw, that second ultrasound is not ours! haha, it’s one I found online before we left for our appt! Ours is hanging on our refrigerator in our kitchen:)

    We’ll see: boy, girl only Mike knows!

  10. randirobot Says:

    not gonna lie, the first ultrasound looks like a weird da vinci painting or something. i think i like the old fashion ones instead. you can still make it out that it’s a baby, so that’s good.

  11. Annaly Says:

    Awesome! I’ve never seen that kind of detail before.

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