Fort Myers, FLA.

I am so far behind with this whole blogging thing…let’s say I may be taking the summer to only occasionally post things. We have so much going on in life and I always have these great post’s going on in my mind, but somehow they never make it to the keyboard. Anyway, I have a moment and wanted to post a day in Fort Myers (yeah about a month ago we made it there for ARC meetings). Here’s a couple pics of Aidan:
He loved the beach so much! We had limited time each time we visited the beach but the time we had was precious and memories forever! I think he may be a beach bum in teenage years cuz he was just one happy boy while we were there!
But, the beach would wear him out like nothing else! Here he is at the end of the day, and YES! The bike goes everywhere with him, even to bed šŸ™‚ Love that boy, it’s crazy how fast he’s growing up!


3 Responses to “Fort Myers, FLA.”

  1. Sarette Says:

    Aw I am just as bad, I have yet to post any of these pics or mine from Costa Rica! You’ve inspired me, though! Your A is so precious, and those beach trips were so fun!

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    Sarette, thanks for all of your help on this trip! It could not have been done without you! You are an amazing blessing, you really have no idea!

  3. Sandra Says:

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures, I love them, it’s gorgeous of him, absolutely!!! positively!!!

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