what a difference a year makes!

Just looking at some old photos! Here is Cameron last year:

She needed her mama to even just stand up, crazy how much changes in year, cuz here is a pic of her this year:
WOW! That’s my girl…I don’t think the hairs style has changed much, but as for everything else…well you can see it in the pictures yourself! I love my little girl 🙂

Oh and can I say then I saw pics of me a year ago and now, and boy ALOT does change in one year! I’m not impressed, and my focus now is “what a difference a year makes”, so here’s to hoping for a new me by this time next year! WOW gym, I will be a committed local as of January 2010!


4 Responses to “what a difference a year makes!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Dad said, “hair, real hair” wow. She is so precious. What a little doll, thanks for the update, can’t wait to see her and Aidan on Wednesday, little love bundles.

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    Cameron saw these pics and when she saw the first one said “baby” she has no idea it’s her!

  3. Sandra Says:

    She’s melting our hearts…can hardly wait to see her and listen to her. Enjoy Women of Faith, you always did.

  4. Joann Little Says:

    wow… her hair really did grow ..see! 🙂
    glad you are back posting again…. xo

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