Gatorade, “candy bars” and dirtbikes

I’m pretty sure Michael and I hit the perfect day for our kids! The weather was gorgeous and we packed them up with a blue Yamaha in the back of our truck and took off for Rocky Hill. We went to the “outside dirt bike track” as Aidan so often refers to it, then we put the back of the truck down had some lemonade, gatorade and granola bars (aka candy bars). The kids loved it! Aidan even did I think two laps on the little beginner circle and then watched all the dirtbikes ride for awhile! Here’s a little bit of what we saw together:
This is all of Aidan’s gear we had to bring for him…he said no pictures allowed of him actually riding! I’ll sneak one someday soon.
enjoying the scenery!
Cameron is loving it! Look at her face, too funny!
ahhh, the ride home!
how sweet!


5 Responses to “Gatorade, “candy bars” and dirtbikes”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I love the pictures, note Mike’s and Cam’s facial expressions are the same, she’s a doll. It looked like nice weather, was this yesterday? Friday, May 1st? Loved the ride home with the 2 sleeping. Peaceful, did you get to close your eyes, too?
    Nice to have family days.

  2. lorraine nemecek Says:

    My kind of party!!! Cant wait to have a tail gate party with all of you!!!
    That Cam, I loved her little mouth!!!!!

  3. Sarette Says:

    I was going to point out the matching expressions, but your mom beat me to it! He won’t allow any pictures? Wow lol. Love it, this is precious!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Look at her hair, wow, it’s growing and looks so wispy and lovely. sweet children, wanna hug em tightly.

  5. Joann Little Says:

    tailgate party… you guys are into it. 🙂 Love the hat and shades too.. Looks like a lot of fun

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