Pharmacy Grand Opening

So in case you haven’t heard, we have a sick little guy on our hands! We’ve been enjoying daily phone conversations with the pediatrician as well as two visits in person. The final result?
We’re officially able to open our own pharmacy, so come on by for refills as needed! Seriously, I feel like my boy is a walking pharmacy, and add in poor Cameron with her explosive eczema and we got everyone covered! One thing I can say for Aidan is he always wears his sickness in his face. He rarely ever complains about anything, but you can see illness all over his face. We’ve finally added antibiotic for a double ear infection which should cure the rest of everything going on…there is a thought from the doctor that there may be some pneumonia brewing but no worries the pediatrician says the antibiotic will cure that too. Oh how I love modern medicine. One thing I can say, is thank God I was off this week, the Lord knows so much more than I do, someday I’ll learn this for once and for all.


4 Responses to “Pharmacy Grand Opening”

  1. lorraine nemecek Says:

    This makes my heart sad, he looks so sick, poor guy!!!
    I am thankful for the wonderful care hes getting from mom ,dad and cam!!!!! Gramma loves you!!!!

  2. codybreault Says:

    i thought you wrote explosive diarrhea, lol.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    no no Cody!

  4. codybreault Says:

    As a reply to your post on my blog, No WoW has been going great. I’m getting my homework done easily … spending more time with friends, Not as tired as I used to be, able to spend more quality time with God… Put’s things into perspective and I really love it. I deleted it totally off my computer so I can’t even think about going on it, I’ve had no urge to play. It’s great. Now if only I could do that with other things that I need to get rid of in my life. hmf

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