Say Cheese???

So, what are the odds you can get two children to look at you for a picture while eating fudge popsicles? Pretty slim:
Blahhhh!!!! Forget it, just enjoy your sweet treat!


6 Responses to “Say Cheese???”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Hey, are they fudgesicles or popsicles? How adorable.
    Don’t you love the mess? Gosh, here the bugs would be on them, have to eat them inside! (the sicles not the bugs)
    Thanks for the peaks, I just miss them so much. Which one do I want on my digital??? Have a great day at the park with them. Trusting all works well for Aidan at the Dr.’s office and he’ll be well on his way to recovery. Love those 2.

  2. codybreault Says:

    I saw a video of Aidan the other day with Dennis ( i forgot where it was or how I found it ) but Aidan’s voice has changed a lot already from when he was a baby. It’s deeper now than it was when he was a year old. It’s crazy to see how fast people grow up. Pretty soon he’ll be in High School following after some of his lady friends.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    cody, don’t scare me!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Hey, just realized they are sitting on the chairs your sister gave to you. That is soo neat! Glad you get to use them, and I’m glad she thought highly enough of you to give them. They are so comfy for sure, and just right for eating fudgesicles.

  5. Emilie Says:

    Haha that’s pretty cute, I noticed in more than half of the pictures cam’s is in, she has chocolate all over her face, or atleast some other food LOL :p
    But wow cody’s right they are growing so fast

  6. rachellarkin Says:

    Cam’s my good eater! Aidan, not so much 🙂

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