better late than never…

I am so behind on this whole blog thing, but anyway…Michael and I took the kids to the Park and Rec Easter Egg Hunt this year. It’s the first time I ever did this with them, they really enjoyed themselves. The Easter Bunny was there, but the kids didn’t make any kind of connection whatsoever, they got up to him to have their picture taken and both of them got some kind of crazy fearful look in their eyes and that was the end of that picture. Aidan immediately let me know that he didn’t need his picture taken with that big old gray thing! So, we moved on to the actual hunt. They loved it, Aidan was digging through the “grass” otherwise known as shredded paper and Cameron quickly got one box of jelly beans and was totally finished with the endeavor. When we left Aidan got a decent amount of candy which went mostly to his dad…one day we really won’t get away with that kind of stuff, but for now, lets just all enjoy! 🙂
Here’s Cameron and I waiting for the photo with Easter Bunny (it was fun to just hang together, picture or no picture with the bunny)!
Here they are having their fun! I can’t wait for next year, it’ll be so much fun again.


4 Responses to “better late than never…”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I remember when Alyssa went screaming away from the Easter bunny and that was that for the rest of her life!!! LOL
    Something is just NOT inviting…right? Love the pics and I can see why my friend Barb said you are the one with the pretty teeth…now, wasn’t that just the ‘cat’s meow’ ! I was so glad she mentioned that. Friendship back to elementary school. Lovin it!

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    I asked Aidan the night before Easter what was gonna happen on Easter. He said that the “easter guy” was probably gonna come and leave him and Cam a toy or maybe some junk! too cute. I love how it’s an Easter guy and not a bunny. We’ll see if it changes in the future.

  3. Sarette Says:

    You and your baby girl both have the most beautiful eyes!

  4. Joann Little Says:

    It’s nice to see you in some of the pics for a change Rach. 🙂
    You look so pretty with your pretty girl.

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