I can’t believe how consistently God delivers! It’s crazy…we are in the midst of getting ready for a concert hosted by Cinema Church. It’s scheduled for tonight at 6pm and we are so psyched for it. However, in the midst of preparing, we had to take most of my last check to pay for the concert. At this point in time, I’m the only one bringing home a check. Michael is working like crazy but unfortunately doesn’t get a check yet! But, that day is coming, it’ll be awesome. Anyway, I digress. So, this week we weren’t able to go grocery shopping and with two small kids I was starting to really worry. You know, like moms always do. I’d like to think the worrying ends, but I’m hearing from moms with kids of all ages, it goes on and on and on. hahaha…oh man! Again, I digress! The point is yesterday I opened the refrigerator and I though, what am I going to do. Clearly I am unable to feed my children today and we don’t even have any spare change. I made french toast for breakfast and then for snack we had the rest of the “cheez it’s” and fruit. I thought…hmmm what will happen now? Well, the kids woke from their nap and I had a message on my answering machine. My mother in law brought by a bag of groceries all the kids favorites! I was so relieved! LUNCH, DINNER! YEAH!!! God used her and delivered! It was a miracle. So, dinner came for me, and I ate rice and a pickle (I know, but under these circumstances what else would I have???). Then Kari and Justin came over out of the clear blue and brought us dinner. Kari said, “I know how buys you guys must be, so I brought you dinner”. Again, another miracle, God used Kari and Justing and delivered AGAIN! So, for anyone wondering if modern day miracles happen, just ask my kids or myself…I will loudly tell you YES, THEY HAPPEN! What a great day:)


2 Responses to “Miracles…”

  1. CodyBreault Says:

    I love how you always look at the positives and how God works through people

  2. mrsjustinwilliams Says:

    We love you Rachel!

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