Splinters and eczema

What a long week for the Larkin household. Monday night we put the kids to bed and all seemed to be well…then Tuesday morning came. Cameron woke up and Aidan ran into her room to give her the usual wake up head rub. Then I came in to take her out of her cage, otherwise known as a crib. I brought her into our room, cuz that’s just what we do in our house, we all start our morning together in mom and dad’s room! I looked at her hand and noticed this gross infection. Here are the signs of infection:
Cameron had all 4 on her hand, it was crazy and their was even a green bubble full of puss in case we were completely naive parents, which we aren’t in this department. I had to work, so Michael got the lucky job of taking her to the pediatrician. But, it’s a package deal cuz we have two kids, so when one has to go, the other gets to come along for the ride. Imagine the joy of taking two kids to the pediatrician. It’s what a guy in his thirties lives for! They got there and were lucky enough to wait for 20 minutes in the waiting room. Let me back up and explain how they said, make sure he comes early, which got him nowhere. I’m pretty sure they have a hidden camera in the waiting room and tell all parents to come early in hopes to win the $10,000 prize on America’s funniest video. Truth be told, even though it’s a pediatric office they have a total of 4 toys in the waiting room, and 3 books (which we have read about 37 times since we started going there). Needless to say, the kids could care less about the toys or books!

Finally, Mike saw this sweet angel, otherwise known as a nurse, come to the door and say “Cameron!” and it’s at that very moment he THOUGHT he was saved and then they bring him to a room and tell him to strip the child so they can weigh her and take her temperature. You think to yourself, okay this must be what they do to check a hand infection…then, the next thing you know, the nurse takes off and leaves him hanging with a cold baby and NO TOYS or BOOKS at all! They say something crazy and ridiculous like “the doctor will be right in”. It’s now 10:47 and her appointment was scheduled for 10:10. Again, so much for being early. Finally, after twenty more minutes, and a frozen child the doctor comes in…she spends a total of 6 minutes in the room. Yup, it’s an infection! They had to numb her hand and remove a splinter, that from what I heard, was bigger than Mike had ever seen before. My girl is so tough, did she cry you ask? yes, she did, but still really, what a trooper! Then, they gave her a prescription for her out of control eczema which I had been asking to get for the past 9 months! If I knew that he could get that out of the doctor, I would have sent Michael down there with her 9 months ago! Here’s a pic of her war scar from the doctor, just in case you though we were exaggerating over a splinter!
Did I mention after this visit was over, Cameron slept like a rock! I mean she fell asleep in her car seat and dad got her out, carried her upstairs, put her into her crib and she never budged! She was wiped out, but wouldn’t you be after that trauma…and to think we never got the call that we won the $10,000 from America’s Funniest Video!


7 Responses to “Splinters and eczema”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I must say, me, dad, cindy and bob were very happy you went to the pediatricians, I was sick, so so sick. thanks for sharing, I think!!! Poor baby…love her soooo much…what exactly did Aidan have to say?

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    I don’t know, but if I had to guess, he worries about her and I bet he sat wide eyed and just watched with speechlessness.

  3. Emilie Says:

    Aidan speachless? Haha that I can’t see. I can see aidan more of sitting there asking a million questions on how cammy is and what is wrong with her hand. LOL but how did she get the splinter?

  4. Rachel Says:

    good question Emilie…I never saw it happen that I’m aware of, no idea! She did fall on the deck last weekend, so I’m assuming it happened then.

  5. Emilie Says:

    That’s probably it then LOL

  6. Jo Says:

    what a big girl… and yay to Daddy for enduring the ever dreaded Pediatrician visit. 🙂

  7. mrsjustinwilliams Says:

    Hope she gets better soon! Add my blog to your page Rachel, so you can keep up with my life…haha cuz im having a hard time…

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