iPhones and holy pedestals

I haven’t been updating lately, but life does seem to be passing me by just the same. I’d love to say I’ve been taking lots of pics and have so much to show. But since I haven’t touched my camera or my iphone that would be a lie. Now that I think about it, maybe I haven’t touched my iphone to take a picture because I don’t have one, and for that matter I think I don’t even know where my old cell phone is, so def no pictures taken with my phone lately either.

Here’s a few things I HAVE been learning lately:

I have a husband that I love more than anyone else on this planet. It’s funny, when you see a loved one get hurt you realize just how much you love them. I say “see them get hurt”, but honestly he wasn’t hurt at all, instead I was hurt by what I saw done and said. Weird how that sometimes happens. I get the feeling that there are times he feels the same for me. I think when the human race falls short on us (which we are all human, so we all fall short) it’s the ones that are closest to us that are hurt most, even more than we ourselves are hurt. It’s funny, someone sets out to hurt one person and they don’t realize the ripple effect it has. You always end up hurting more people than you ever know or plan to!

That being said, I’m learning to really try my best to align my heart with God’s heart. I’m trying my best to seek His face and grow to be more like Him. I’m learning that when I offend one person, I’m really offending many more. I’m learning to think before I speak and I’m learning to be very careful about who I allow to influence my life!

I actually started writing this post prior to church today and went there and learned even more on the above subjects. Remember I said…”when the human race falls short on us…”. Well it was reiterated to me that I need to lean my ladder of life on my Saviour and not on any other human being. It’s time that I let every person in life off that holy pedestal and understand that they will all fail me and likewise I will probably fail them. And instead place my trust wholly in Christ.

I can go on and on, but instead I’ll stop here. I get the strong feeling God has more for me to chew on or learn about and I am ready and waiting! Never mind the fact that I said “here are a FEW things I’ve been learning lately” with that being said it just wouldn’t be right for me to carry on with ALL that I’ve been learning.

I’m off to find my non-existent iphone to get some good pics of the kids and me having some fun around the house!


8 Responses to “iPhones and holy pedestals”

  1. codybreault Says:

    haha, I was wondering how you wrote this in the hour that i checked your blog to come over your house to watch 24, then realized that you had a lot typed BEFORE today. gotcha.

    From the looks of it you are doing a great job with being close to God; it helps others a lot just by seeing you do so awesome. It helps motivate me when I see you doing your daily bible study. You have two kids, I have zero.. I think i know who has the harder life and how if you can do it with two crazy hyper hyper hyper hyper kids… i can too.

  2. Emilie Says:

    Wow! LOL Cody does make a good point that if you have two very crazy/hyper kids, dealing with everything from planting this church and work that you can still manage to get in a good time to work on your bible study…. That is very inspirational. When you do good…. It makes others want to too.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    thanks guys, you are awesome! Emilie, how is your study time going??

    What do you mean hyper/crazy kids?? haha

  4. codybreault Says:

    I was just kidding. You have the most sedate kids i know.

    SIKE. hahahaha

  5. jolittle Says:

    Auntie Jo says they are not hyper crazy kids. !! ❤

    I love that “lean your ladder of life on your savior”… that is awesome… because yes we do fall short and we do look to man sometimes more than we should and they disappoint us oohhhh so much. It’s the ones that climb back on that ladder and keep looking up with their eye’s on Jesus … those hearts will be aligned with “HIS”.

    I am hurting that you are hurt. :/ we are here for each other. xo

  6. rachellarkin Says:

    awww, thanks Joann! I’ll see you at the gym this morning 🙂

  7. CodyBreault Says:

    How come your “links” on the side of your page is so short… Dennis and Danielle haven’t blogged in forever

  8. rachellarkin Says:

    I know, it’s a long story Cody. I need to change that at some point!

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