Life has been so busy…I feel like it’s just passing me by! Anyway, sorry no updates lately, but hang on tight, there is so much more to come! I’m just hanging with the kids more often these days, and the weather is nice (at least as of lately), therefore we are outside more often. Anyway, I’m alive but busy and will get back on this posting thing soon! Have a great night…who knew I’d love Wednesday night tv so much?


3 Responses to “BLAHHHH!”

  1. codybreault Says:

    better not be watching things like desperate housewives! 😛

  2. Sandra Says:

    Well, you warned everyone that you wouldn’t be on alot, but spending time with the kids. That’s a good thing. Have fun with them, and we all love the pictures you would have otherwise missed, right?

    Did you enjoy Criminal Minds? I did. Off to small group in a few, have a great week end

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    No Cody, I’m not watching any Desperate Housewives, thanks for keeping tabs on me!

    Mom, I did see Criminal Minds, very creepy and good!

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