Why Delta? Why?

Okay, so I had to write this essay thingy awhile back about why I should win a ticket to the Beth Moore conference for ministers wives. I saw the contest a long time ago and thought, yeah! I can do this. So, I wrote my little essay and sent it in. After all, as a mother of two young children, I usually take the time to write essays each week, so this should be a breeze! In the midst of it all I found a cousin of mine who also entered the contest too, which was totally reminding me what a small world it is! Anyway, they were suppose to email the winner a couple Mondays ago and I never received an email. Which is exactly what I would expect, because truth be told, I never really win anything unless it’s a honeymoon for two people to some exotic spot in the caribbean and all I have to do is give them my checking account number and we get the trip all expenses paid! But then, why would they need my checking account number? Who knows, I just gave it anyway. But that’s a whole nother post on my gullibility. As I was saying, I went about life after that Monday passed. But then this Monday night I open my email and found this:

Congratulations ladies! You all are winners of the Living Proof Live ticket
contest for Minister’s wives. Please let me know if you can attend. Please
reply with the name of who will be attending and we will provide the ticket
at will call. Thanks!

So, lifeway gave away 10 tickets to ministers wives and I WAS ONE! Here is the catch. It’s in Nashville, TN this Friday and Saturday! When I initially wrote the essay thingy, the tix to fly to TN were only $250, they are now up to a whopping $411! You know, because the airlines don’t make enough when they suck $250 out of us for a quick trip south. They need to be sure they cover the cost of the pillow and blanket I may request and that can of Diet Coke and peanuts I need to hold my appetite over until we land. So therefore they have had a change of heart and need to charge me $411 to now get to TN.

So, needless to say, I won’t be attending, which really stinks! Out of all the conferences I’ve been to or been invited to, this one has me salivating the most to go! And, at then end of this saga, I can never say ” I never win anything”, but instead I can say, “I never win anything that I can actually go to”. Let me tell you, if this conference ever happens again, I will go even without a winning ticket! It’s a commitment I am making to myself today! Unless of course I win some exotic honeymoon vacation for two, then I’ll be there with Michael.

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2 Responses to “Why Delta? Why?”

  1. jolittle Says:

    First I love that this is posted in the “Cranky” category…
    Thank stinks I know …but my prayer is the next time these seminars roll around …Cinema Church will be doing so well that we will just automatially prayfully send our Pastor and his wives to any conference that will in any way encourage or fire up our fearless leaders. 🙂
    I can see you and Mike sitting in these lounge chairs you will large diet coke in hand…he “itouch” and relaxfully being mezmorized by the beauty of what ever that is you are looking at. 🙂 (is that a whale)… xo

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    I think it’s an enormous rock! haha

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