potty training tips anyone?

So, we are trying something new. She seems excited about it, but we’ve only made it to the potty once with the real thing! I guess I’ll take any advice out there, what do you think? Aidan pretty much taught himself, so I’m way out of the loop on this activity!


2 Responses to “potty training tips anyone?”

  1. Jo Says:

    She looks like she might actually be doing something there… lol! she is so darn cute…stylin on the toilet no less.
    So consistency is my advice, keep ploppin her little hiney on the pot as often as she lets you and make a really big deal about what she produces so to speak. 🙂 I used potty prizes too…

  2. mrsjustinwilliams Says:

    I dont think I can help with the Girls… HAHA and since I cant remember potty training when I was young. I guess I can say good luck…haha She will do fine! Lots of Praise!

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