where have you been all my life?

Went to dinner and a movie last night with another couple and had a great time. We ate at TGIFriday’s. I have fully decided I DON’T LIKE THAT PLACE. Firstly, Michael ordered a “petite” sirloin, and we quickly discovered in the restaurant world what petite really means. I have been kept out of that loop somehow all my life. Turns out petite means as big as your pointer finger! Oh Michael was salivating for his red meat until it showed up on the table! I ordered a pasta dish and 14 hours later am still suffering the repricussions. Something in there was not right and I have some kind of stomach ache! After the pain staking meal fabulous dinner we were off to the movies. Oh and don’t get me the wrong the company we kept at the restaurant was awesome it was just the food that was killing me.

We decided on Slum Dog Millionare and may I say GO SEE IT! Run right now and get to the theatre and watch that awesome movie! It won many awards and deserved every one of them! I loved it. And to the woman I saw at work who thought it was a musical…It’s the antithesis of a musical! So, don’t go thinking you’re gonna be watching some great music and dancing because the movie is so much more than that! So, of course once we purchased our ticket for the movie, I desperately needed to find something to eat as fast as possible to calm my raging stomach. I chose Reeses Pieces (on behalf of Michael), then I sprinted as fast as I could to the “pick n mix” section of the theatre! I forgot what it felt like to be “a kid in a candy store”, then I quickly remembered as I gazed my eyes upon all the selection right there waiting just for me, and all for the rip off price bargain price of $8 a pound! Who could resist? I know I couldn’t, so I got me some peppermint patties (if you know me at all you know I’m a sucker for those babies), and then I saw them! The CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS! I grabbed some of those and paid the bargain price of just $2.10 for my 5 chocolate covered raisins and my 4 peppermint patties! As I sat down in the theatre seat and ate my raisins all I could think was:

Oh, chocolate covered raisins where have you been all my life? And then I remembered, oh yeah, aisle 3 at Stop and Shop! So, I believe raisins and I may have started a new found love relationship!


4 Responses to “where have you been all my life?”

  1. Sarette Says:

    Mhm, Slumdog Millionaire was so good!

  2. jolittle Says:

    15 extra minutes on the eliptical my deary for those chocolately treats .. 🙂 you deserve them. Can’t wait for the gym this week… I will say my tummy is a bit sore today.!

  3. codybreault Says:

    this is a really good blog post, i love the way you wrote it.

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    thanks Cody!

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