Dirty Little Secrets…

I am not an extravagant person at all! If you look at me, most of you can easily figure that out. I have a hard time parting with my money for extravagant things. But there is one thing I purchase on a regular basis and just cannot part with it. And, I’m passing it on to my little sweet heart. Every day and night I moisturize my face and Cammy’s face with this:

I love this stuff! I think it’s heaven sent! So, is there anything you can’t live without? And, are you passing the baton to your little ones?

I believe there is nothing more important for a woman than to moisturize her face AND neck…
NOTE: If you don’t moisturize your neck as often as your face, IT WILL BE A PROBLEM LATER! I have seen it firsthand on older women and trust me ladies you don’t want to be THAT woman! Your neck will look all wrinkly and your face won’t. It looks strange. So, run out now and get your Clinique moisturizer and share it with the little women in your home too!

So, lets hear it, what is your dirty little secret? What are you unable to live without, and are you passing it down to the younger women in your life?


4 Responses to “Dirty Little Secrets…”

  1. jolittle Says:

    Mine is “Oil of Olay… exfoliating scrub ( exfoliating is also really important to remove those dead skin cells and let the new ones breathe and grow…just a little tid bit for ya)
    And I moistuize with the age defying daily moisturizer… I am a freak about moisture~ and yes the neck is a “biggie” I am also into the yoga for the face…ha! the neck is a big issue for me… and if all else fails there is botox… jk… I could never put needles in my face. moisturize, moisturize, moisturize… 🙂

  2. Sandra Says:

    LOL you girls. You’ve got me laughing hilariously. All kidding aside now, yes it all works well, Rachel’s nanny Used both the clinique and the oil of olay. I had a beautiful mother.

  3. staceyweaver Says:

    i cannot live without my bare minerals makeup, it’s like flawless and it’s so nice for my skin!! i am passing it on to my mom instead. 😉

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    Stacey, I have always wanted to try that!

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