Just one of those moments in life…you know where you wonder about so many things? I hate that. I have been a little behind with the blogging. Just trying to spend lots of time with the kids lately. Sometimes I feel like I let the computer get ahead of quality time with them. I’m doing a lot of praying and thinking and most likely will be limiting my time online to after their bed time. I’m not totally sure yet, but if that’s the case I’ll be around a little less frequently.

We will see, after all, you only have them around once and I heard from a source this week that it goes quicker than “a blink of an eye…I mean it A BLINK”…so, on that quote, I’m gonna trust that source and try my best to not take any moment for granted.

Oh, so lets get back to where I started (if you haven’t caught on yet, I tend to digress).
Anyway, I hate how sometimes my mind wanders…it goes places that leaves me insecure and even upset sometimes. It’s during these times I know I need to get into the WORD and spend some time with my Savior! Since I know that, I guess I better be going and doing it. I’ll catch up with you guys next week! See ya.


One Response to “hmmmffff…”

  1. jolittle Says:

    Rachel I think that is an awesome decision…tho I so love your blogs… it will be nice hearing from you weekly as well. I have decided to wait until the kids are in bed, becauase what I now am finding is that they see me and Kyle on the computer, they too want to be on. One time I saw the two of them on the couch with computer in their laps and I thought, Oh no this is not happening. I love the technology and FB and all the rest of it but… if we are what they learn from and we are the example they follow then I myself need to make some changes.
    Don’t feel insecure, you are a great mother… and many of us moms with little ones can not be online all the time like the rest… it is just a case of what is more important.
    Be creative and go on when they are napping or in bed… but that is when our husbands need our attention… so we just can’t win!. haha! just kidding. xo

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