did someone say “spring training”?

Aidan heard about the new line up for the Yankees and he’s pretty darn excited!  We’ll be watching this season!  Oh and daddy, if you’re reading this, we were wondering…

you think we could catch a game with you this season sometime? Oh, and we mean in person, not just watching it on television…



9 Responses to “did someone say “spring training”?”

  1. michael Says:

    We could catch a high school game at Palmer Field!
    Im thinking Yankee tickets might be way too expensive!!!!
    Found 3 tickets on ebay to a spring training game for $299, still 3 hours left.
    Bleacher seats for opening day start at $270 a piece on stub hub
    Why not grab a suite for opening day at $13,500 per ticket?

    Maybe we should have a theme night at our house? Decorate, dress up, food…paint nice blue pinstripes on the living room walls

  2. Amy Harris Says:

    A Yanks family night is an awesome idea, Mike! Although the stripes may leave too much of a lasting impression. 🙂

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I remember a day saying to his son that as soon as he was potty trained they would be able to catch a game in New York. I hope the above statement isn’t little faith. think big Michael maybe someone will give you the tickets just like they did for the UCONN game. I’m not saying Josh should I’m just saying maybe the Lord will put it on someone’s heart to give you three tickets. How can you say no to the little boy in the picture sitting on the couch. If need be tell him to call Uncle Jason and ask for some tickets. LOL!!! Uncle Jason doesn’t say no to Aidan and Cameron. 🙂

  4. Jo Says:

    I say theme night at the Larkins!!! Prizes for the biggest fan!

  5. rachellarkin Says:

    you supplying the prizes! haha, I think theme night would be fun…I’ll start working on it now, we’ll have to have games for Aidan and such and a theme dinner, hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream, that kind of stuff!

  6. jo Says:

    sounds fun! when is opening day or whatever it is called. Def include Aidan… (he will be a big winner)

  7. jolittle Says:

    I’ll bring the flat screen, oh yeah it melted….

  8. jolittle Says:

    ha-ha okay the above statement would be Kyle honning in on my comments here. nice! 😦

  9. rachellarkin Says:

    haha, that is hilarious!

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