Why I love my baby girl!

Okay, here we go…in case you haven’t figured it out, there is a pattern this week. It’s all about the love! So, here are just a few reasons Cameron really rates in my life!

1. She is so stinkin beautiful! (Again, I’m sure I’m biased)

2. She is so cuddleable…is that a word??? I could squeeze her to death!

3. She is so funny, she laughs and it changes my whole day!

4. She is a little actress! That’s right, already at 18 months old, she acts all the time!

5. She sleeps all night ALREADY! That is a huge feat in our home (although she needs to
work on sleeping in a little more 🙂

6. She is easy to put to bed, all she needs is a hug, her blanket, and her paci! Oh, and as
far as the blanket, there is NO SUBSTITUTES PLEASE!

7. She is tenacious! She gives up on almost nothing in life (this she gets from her dad for

8. She makes the sweetest sound when she is tired and trying to go to sleep!

9. She loves shoes! That makes me happy, I can’t wait to go shopping with her someday!
Right now I have all these reasons to not spend money on clothes, but as she gets
older, all those will fly right out the door!

10. She too, is my gift from the Lord! And, like her brother, I will love her forever no matter
what she does, no matter what mistakes she makes, and no matter what she becomes!

Like her brother, I have a deep burden and desire for Cameron to know Christ as her Lord and Saviour! I pray for her ALL the time, even before birth, that she would know Him and be sold out for Him. Cammie, if you ever get the chance to read this someday, know that mamma loves you more than any other girl in the universe! I will always love you and there is nothing you can ever say or do to change that! I pray you serve the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength! I love you!

what do you guys love about your kids? And, I give you full license to be creative, if you don’t have kids, you can share about your pets, plants, cars, etc!


6 Responses to “Why I love my baby girl!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    What a great idea to do, and oh those pictures, they are the best. So nice to read about your love for your family.
    I know they love you just as much each and everyone of them. Enjoy each other while you have each other, time goes by so quickly, and there is so much fun and enjoyment to be had. Love you all.

  2. jolittle Says:

    Rachel… I love that pic..frame it… I love Cammy too and I mostly love her cause she is you mini size.
    I think I will do this on my blog… (copycat)

  3. Sarette Says:

    You both look crazy gorgeous in that picture! Like Mama Jo said, frame it.

  4. randirobot Says:

    i love all your top 10 lists they are great!

  5. rachellarkin Says:

    Thanks everyone, you guys are all so sweet!

  6. amyharris Says:

    That’s a beautiful picture of the Larkin girls, Rach. She is beautiful.

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