Top 10 peeves of a dental hygienist…

Okay, I think there is some stuff I just have to put out there for all of you to know about visiting your dental hygienist. I’ve composed a top 10 list!

10. Don’t come 10 minutes late and then tell me hold on while you go to the bathroom.
You’re an adult, I’m sure you can hold it!
9. Don’t come in and ask for a toothbrush to brush your teeth. Lets be honest, you’re only
gonna do a “quicky” brush and it makes no difference.
8. Don’t lie and say you floss EVERY DAY, cuz when I say open and your gums start bleeding
you’ve just been busted.
7. Don’t feel like you’re the WORST patient ever. Trust me there is always someone worse
than you. (I know, “someone” has to be the worst…trust me it was a patient in hygiene
school. I cleaned her teeth for two years and still didn’t finish cuz it was THAT bad!
6. DON’T eat an entire garlic clove before coming to get your teeth cleaned. Yes, I do wear
a mask, but it’s not THAT protective. I’ll do the same for you too!
5. I don’t mind if you text, or listen to your ipod, or even answer a call, but if you choose
to take the call, why can’t you limit to a minute long?
4. Let’s just both be kind to each other and shower before the appointment. If you don’t have
time, let me suggest to always keep some deodorant in the car for times like these.
3. Please try to refrain from stupid jokes, or degrading comments. We can’t tell you what we
really think about that stuff anyway, and mostly we don’t like it.
2. Ladies, please don’t wear lipstick…it gets everywhere as we try to clean your teeth! And
vaseline is the worst, it makes our fingers slippery while we try to hold our instruments.
1. PLEASE OH PLEASE, invest in a netty pot and clean your nose before you come. I don’t
know if you know this, but when we lay you back in the chair, we get a beautiful sight
to the inside of your nose and it’s so nasty when it’s full of mucous and ‘boogs’. So
just get the netty pot out give it a whirl at least those two times a year. After all you take
the time to clean out your ears, why not the nose…and no you can’t tell me that is
why you’re 10 minutes late to the appointment! 🙂

Now that you know our top ten issues, what are yours…don’t hold back, I KNOW there are way more than “top 10” when it comes to us, so have at it. What drives you crazy about us?


9 Responses to “Top 10 peeves of a dental hygienist…”

  1. Sandra Says:

    You are too much, dear daughter…#3, I’ve heard some pretty good opinions from hygienists, Oh yes I have. LOL
    thanks for always doing a good job on my teeth. Glad you don’t butcher me!

  2. anotherlaurenwoods Says:

    You made me laugh, thanks, and I will remember all the tips.

  3. Jo Says:

    haha this is awesome… thanks for the lipstick tip,,, i always have it on ha! Love the netty pot tip and now that I have one and know you will be looking up my nose and down my throat I will be sure to use it frequently. lol!

  4. Stephanie Groeper Says:

    Rachel ~ This is awesome!! You are soooo funny!!! Believe it or not I never thought about you guys being able to look up our noses. That must be nasty. Thank you for what you do because I would never be able to do that. You are amazing!!

  5. codybreault Says:

    Thanks for the comments Rach, It’s always nice to know someone out there is reading your blog. I hope you are able to get something out of me exploring the Bible. Sometimes I think it isn’t worth posting because it isn’t coherent enough. hah, Oh and awesome Pet peeves, I try not to text at the dentist but it’s a habit!

  6. codybreault Says:

    I try not to text because I always thought it was a bad thing to do**

  7. Sarette Says:

    Well I hope that back when I was like five years old and you used to clean my teeth that none of these were a problem haha.

  8. amyharris Says:

    This is hysterical, Rachel! I’m always worried about brushing thoroughly before my appointment and flossing and garlic breath, too funny.

  9. anna bella Says:

    could not agree more :)…

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