Valentine’s Day Past

okay, what are some things you guys have done in Valentines Day previous to this one coming up?  Here’s how we have spent ours:

Year One: A night away in Newport, RI! I had no idea, my guy packed my clothes and everything for me, very cool!

Year Two: Our first year in Lynchburg, “Outback Restaurant”, still not sure how we afforded that one, but God continues to bless us!


Year Three: Worked all night as a waitress, made a load of money.  Mike worked at TRBC that night and made a load of money too!  We had to pay rent!


Year Four:  Movie in our apartment, both of us did homework.  My second year of hygiene school, I had boards six weeks later, which meant no pass, no graduation!


Year Five:  Chinese and a movie in our very first home!  We sure loved that place:)


Year Six:  Went to dinner and to see “50 first dates”.  I loved the movie and bought it!


Year Seven:
 Sweet!  I Found out we were having Aidan!  Busy trying to come up with a cool way to tell Mike about his new son for his b’day present which was only one week away!  Mike was busy getting ready for the winter retreat for LP. Too busy to go out this year for Valentines, the band had practice and Mike was there with them.


Year Eight:
 Aidan was born and very close to being 4 months old.  We couldn’t dream of going anywhere or doing anything.  Mike and I were completely desperate for any shut eye we could get…valentines day? What valentines day?  We got a baby to take care of…


Year Nine:  Kuma blew out his ACL.  Mikes mom came to babysit so we could go to dinner, but Mike ended up at the vets office that night (who also missed his Valentine dinner).


Year Ten:  This was just last year, and for the life of me I CANNOT remember!  Maybe Mike can help me out with this one.  The two things I do know is, we had Cammie and she was six months old, and we had finally settled in our hearts we were going to be taking a long journey called “church planting”, and thanks to those of you who have been led by God to come along. 


Year Eleven:  TBD, I’ll let you know after Michael takes me out, or maybe doesn’t take me out?  We’ll see, but you will know soon after I know:)


One Response to “Valentine’s Day Past”

  1. randirobot Says:

    last year on valentine’s day we had prayer at jo’s house because it was a thursday. i remember because i was there on my birthday. so maybe that helps if you guys were there.

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