oh no! Say it ain’t so…

Sometimes I have days where I sit back and want to say to Michael… “can we just pull out of this whole church plant thing? Can we just say no and live life without all the stress, hurt, and pressures…?”  It’s at those times that I’m allowing satan to bring me down and really get to me.  It’s those moments that I allow my flesh to take over.  Thankfully, I never have done this, sure I lean on my husband and cry sometimes for where this journey has taken us, but never have I decided to sit down and have this conversation with him.  Somedays, I think, I wonder why I don’t have that conversation with him….and then I read this!

“I am religious. I will admit that I’m not that religious at this point in my life but I believe in God and am grateful for everything I am blessed with. I believe that religion will play a bigger part in my life later in life.”

I read these words stated by a girl that lives right here in our own community and my heart breaks!  Does she realize that there may not be “a later part in her life”. Does she really realize she has a Heavenly Father who wants a relationship with her more than anything, and I mean an intimate relationship with her!  Or how about the friends and family around her that have no idea of a Savior that can heal their hurts and give them eternal life, she can share, she can, but for now she chooses not to!

and then I read this:

“I hope there is a heaven.”

This girl also lives right in our community! She has a family and wonders if there is a heaven!  Oh man, I know there is, We know there is!  We have a responsibility to share the gift! My heart is breaking for the people in my community that I know, the idea that they don’t know is killing me!

Man, I’m so glad that I have never had “that” conversation with Michael! That conversation that would bring this church planting thing to a screeching halt!   This community needs  Cinema church, there are tens of thousands of people, right here in our community, that need their view of church to be changed!  We need to be preparing now, because we have a huge job to finish with this whole launching thing!

Thank you Lord for not allowing me to have that conversation with Michael!  May we grow in You and strive to make Your vision for the local church happen! Amen.


6 Responses to “oh no! Say it ain’t so…”

  1. stephlsblog Says:


    You are so strong, and I admire you for sticking with it. You and Michael give and sacrifice so much in obedience to God, and I know you will both be rewarded in Heaven. And sooner when you see the love you both have for God passed on to your own children. What better parents and role models for them than you guys? You are teaching Cameron not only to love and honor God, but also to support and stand by her future husband in whatever God calls him to do. Keep up the amazing work. It will all be worth it in the end. In the meantime, I’m here if/when you need an ear or a shoulder, a break, or even just a laugh or a hug. God loves you, Michael loves you, your kids love you, and I love you.


  2. rachellarkin Says:

    Stephanie, that was crazy cool encouraging! When I really sit back and think about it, even the stress, struggle and sacrifice in America is like nothing in other countries…I mean really, people are dying daily for the cause. So what if I’m uncomfortable, it’s when i grow the most in Christ! Thanks for being there and the encouragement…you’re awesome! I only hope we are somehow passing the love of Christ onto our children by example. I pray regularly for that and worry so much about it. I know you are both doing the same for Noah and Zachary, I don’t even doubt it! Aren’t you glad you’re involoved in church while they are so young. So cool

  3. amyharris Says:

    It’s so true, Rachel. So often we put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today. The world and our community need what can only be gained through Christ. I hear you on the wanting to give up…this school thing has been the same way for me, to a much less extent, I suppose. You and Michael have always had such a passion for leading youth to Christ and showing them that they ARE the Kingdom, and not to a lesser extent because they’re kids, and that is so awesome and powerful. It’s evident in the lives of the students that are ministering at CC too, and it just makes my heart jump (I get excited about these things) to see them leading others to Christ and to see adults and youth both who are now in a relationship with Him because of them. What a testimony to God’s faithfulness you are. Love you.

  4. CodyBreault Says:

    It’s cool to see you being real and upfront on this blog Rachel, I don’t think I’d get to see this kind-of-you if we were just hanging out. You do such an amazing job as an example of Christ to me and everyone around you. I truly can say I don’t think I’ve met another women as spiritually connected with God as you are. Love ya!

  5. rachellarkin Says:

    Amy, thanks for the comment! I LOVE that you get excited about these things…it’s so cool to have you supporting us through this with all your encouraging words…you’re awesome and thank you!

    Cody, You are so kind, thanks for being a great example. I appreciate the comment about being “real and upfront”, sometimes I wonder if its okay to do it, and then I get encouraging words, you’re awesome. We love you too and think you’re an awesome guy!

  6. stephlsblog Says:

    The fact that you and Mike are both so “real and upfront” is one of the things that helps you reach people. If you guys pretended everything was perfect all the time and you never had any problems I don’t think you would be reaching a lot of people or changing the way they view church. Keep on “keepin it real.” LOL Seriously though.

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