Hot Wheels

Aidan got a “Cars” bike for Christmas…it had stickers on the training wheels, which as you can see, somehow made their way off the wheels and onto our faces.  He was having a blast sticking these on himself and mommy!  These days are so enjoyable.  I want to treasure all the moments I have with him, before they’re gone!


img_4619He loved the idea of getting pictures together of this.  He cracks me up!


3 Responses to “Hot Wheels”

  1. Jo Says:

    so cute, he is getting so big Rachel.. Love the new blog look

  2. Sandra Says:

    I LOVE your teeth…aren’t they looking sassy! And look at Aidan’s teeth, so straight, so perfect. Love the teeth.
    You know I look at everyone’s teeth. LOL. Different blog look. I know you like pink.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    oh mom, you are so sweet! I wanna whiten them now. Aidan asked me the other day, “mom, why are your teeth so yellow?” yup, out of the mouths of babes! haha

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