let me out…

Aidan gets to play outside on our deck quite frequently.  I’m not really sold on allowing Cameron outside too much.  I heard a story about frostbite from a patient of mine, and now am scared to death to allow her out for too long.  Here are some pics of her longing to get outside and play with her hero, that is, her big brother!

img_4649She is watching patiently as Aidan plays, she is just waiting for him to see her and say hello


img_4648Awwww, he sees her, and he comes over and gives her “a knuckle five”…it was so cute!  I love how they are both smiling and so happy to knuckle five each other.


img_4652He went on to playing outside, but Cameron was satisfied enough with that!  She is too much…


5 Responses to “let me out…”

  1. michaellarkin1 Says:

    you make it sound like she is locked in side by some paranoid parent

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Awww!! She is precious!! Bless her heart!! You are a good parent. You don’t want someone that cute getting frostbite.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    haha, I do let her outside, but only for short periods in the snow!

  4. Jo Says:

    haha you are paranoid… jk
    cute dress cam cakes

  5. anotherlaurenwoods Says:

    You take the most beautiful photos of your kids. They are going to love having them when they are older.

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