Girl’s Best Friend

I think Cammie has a new “best friend”, what do you think?

Bear is thinking “ohhh, this is nice!”


Who ever said Bear has no patience?  Think again, he does with this girl!

Oh wait, that was me who said that, and turns out he is full of patience!


All the lovin’ from Cam sure wears our old boy out!  


All the lovin’ from Cam sure wears our old boy out!  

I’m afraid to even think about how numbered our days are with ‘Bear’!  He and Cameron are really taking to each other.  She takes good care of “bear bear” each and everyday!  Who would have ever thought?


10 Responses to “Girl’s Best Friend”

  1. michaellarkin1 Says:

    She deserves another dog, before bear goes…Im just saying that is clearly what is best for her

  2. emiliegagne Says:

    Aww what cute pictures:) she’s just so adorable. I think mike is leading towards getting another dog….. For him. 😉

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    you got that right Emilie!

  4. daniellewilson Says:

    Yeah I think mike is leaning for another dog for himself. I so DO IT! get a new PUPPY I love puppies!

  5. Amy Says:

    That is absolutely adorable. Oh and btw I found a dog for you his name is coach and he’s a 2 year old goldren retriever. Oh did I mention he’s free! Lol! Yeah right Dan woud kill me!

  6. rachellarkin Says:

    Amy, I know better, I saw the pictures of Coach in the mud…I ain’t taking that dog, or any other dog! haha lol!

  7. Stephanie Says:

    she is so precious, caring, sensitive, and loving. Just like her mama.

  8. rachellarkin Says:

    steph, you are too sweet!:)

  9. Jo Says:

    who need toys and dollies when you have a doggie… so sweet…

  10. anna bella Says:

    dogs are angels on earth… we give them love, time, room we can spare but they gave us their all in return…

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