Paint again?!

I got home from work the other day and the first thing A told me was, “Mommy, I wanna paint”…so, we got out the paint and this was the final result!  Actually the final result was a bath but whatever!img_45731He’s painting himself to be a clown!  Pretty good actually.

img_4570Not sure what she was aiming to be with paint, but hey, she looks happy!


5 Responses to “Paint again?!”

  1. Stephanie Groeper Says:

    Oh my glory!!!! I love this!!! Glad you are not the kind of mom who always wants her children clean because you would miss out on all this fun. Enjoy your time with them and keep taking these awesome pictures. It makes me not so homesick for my family. Love you!!!

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    you should have seen after, I should have taken a pic, he even painted on a clown nose!

  3. Sarette Says:

    That’s a “Why so serious?” if I ever saw one.

  4. emiliegagne Says:

    They are just so cute LOL

  5. mackenzieeolsen Says:

    They are too adorable!

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