Valentines Day

The old V’day is quickly approaching!  So, I’m wondering if you could do anything what would you choose to do with your loved one?  I’m being realistic to some degree on this one.  I mean, with two kids it’s not like we would leave for a week long Valentine vacation…so, click “Here” to see where I would go and “this” is the package I would choose ,oh, I meant to say I’d pick the “Valentine Day” package on that linky link! Oops…Anyway, the package runs about $500, and I’d add a show with “blue man group” into the night too! So I’m thinking not this year, but maybe in a few years!

What about you, where would you go?  Or would you stay home?  I’m just wondering!  Comment away…


4 Responses to “Valentines Day”

  1. codybreault Says:

    i have no, and will not have a girlfriend for a really really really really REALLY long time… 😉

  2. jolittle Says:

    There are many simple, romantic and price savy things to do right at home… which I will be doing since we are going the xtra with our anniversary coming in March… (did I tell you we are going to Florida???)

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    no jo you didn’t tell me very cool! But I asked if you could ANYTHING!!! Dream big, where would you go, what would you do?

    Cody, I think that’s great…wait a LONG time, it’ll be more worth it that way!

  4. Jo Says:

    oh.. big ummm I can’t think of anything… I’ll keep thinkin

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