10 wonderful things about the NOW

So yesterday, I posted ten things I miss, but I decided I needed to post about ten things I’m so happy about in the present

1.  My marriage and my husband…things have never been better!  Can’t wait to see what the future holds

2.  Aidan, the most sensitive boy I know, he’s tough but has such a big heart

3. Cameron, the most tenacious girl I know, she is all about getting things done and having a good time

4. My new job…first time I’ve ever worked in the city I live in…I can actually go home on my lunch

5.  New friendships discovered just this year…Dominique, Danielle, Kari, and the list goes on!

6. Starting “Esther”

7.  Starting “Journey Groups”

8.  Owning our own place once again!

9. Having to live by faith financially, teaching me who really takes care of us, it’s never us it’s always Him who provides

10. Women God has placed in my life who are willing to mentor me through this journey called “church planting”

I know there are gonna be things I miss when I look back at these next few years, but for now these are some of the things about “the now” that I am enjoying!

Feel free sharing what you love about the NOW!


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