Look who fits under the gate!  What is the point of a gate if a child can do this?  Oh wait, I know, we can still keep the dog downstairs!



3 Responses to “Uh-Oh”

  1. stephlsblog Says:

    that’s scary. I hope she doesnt get hurt. I think we have the same gate at the bottom of our stairs. Hopefully, she doesn’t teach Zachary her new skill. I don’t understand why they make a baby gate that a baby can fit under!

  2. jolittle Says:

    ha ha little rascal… maybe this is one of those gates that is not for the stairs? If it was like in a doorway you could move it closer to the floor. ? sounds like with little missy if it is not under it’s over 🙂

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    yeah, she’s pretty busy. We can’t move the gate down cuz of the shape of our banister…but it’s better than no gate. We have to fill the bottom step with boxes or stuff to keep her from climbing under. But, her head is growing so before I know it she won’t fit anymore! haha…and yes, it would be over, we already need a toddler bed!

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