Some things I miss…

1.  My mother’s pasta puttanesca

2.  Just stopping by friends houses in Virginia and then hanging out all night

3.  Dominoes until midnight

4.  Sleeping In

5.  Woman’s Bible Studies 

6.  Warm summer days

7.  Having room in the back seat of my car for kids and junk

8.  Getting my hair done on a regular basis

9.  Kuma, who’d ever think I would have put that one down…

10.  Sleepovers with LP girls

It’s funny how God moves us on from one thing to another in life.  I’m a firm believer that you never just “plateau”, you are either growing or falling back.  There is no such thing as staying the same.  I’m happier now than I may have ever been in my life.  I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and a warm place to pillow my head each and every night and on top of that, it is a place that we can call our own.  But when I look back through all we’ve done here’s my list of just a few things I miss from past journeys.  I can’t help but wonder, after Cinema Church is up and launched, when I look back what will be my top 10 list of things I miss from this journey?  What is on your top 10 list of things from the past you may miss?  And Stephanie, if yours isn’t sleeping in it will be after May! 🙂


6 Responses to “Some things I miss…”

  1. stephlsblog Says:

    1. Mine is definitely sleeping in, or sleeping at all for that matter.
    2. Being able to go out anytime I want without having to get a babysitter.
    3. Being able to eat all the tuna fish I want, but that will come back once I have the baby.
    4. Working for spending money because my parents paid all the bills.
    5. Being able to spend more time with Ed.
    6. Spending time with my Grandma.
    7. The smell of Grandma’s homemade spegetti sauce cooking all day.
    8. Spending time with friends.
    9. Being able to veg out in front of the tv or with a good book whenever I want.
    10. Going anywhere without having to carry a million things.

    Of course I wouldn’t trade having my kids for anything, but those are some of things I miss from before, and also from missing my grandma.

  2. michaellarkin1 Says:

    Oh dang, I thought you meant Stephanie Groeper, I thought….nvm

  3. jolittle Says:

    1. Regina my BFF in Calif. spending time together
    2. Being mentored by my mother in Christ… Crazy Sally 🙂
    3. Working in a job/ministry where I felt so incredibly needed
    4. My girls when they were younger..more innocent &sometimes less complicated. 🙂
    5. My Family in Calif (specially my mom in law)
    6. My Prayer Possie girlfriends in Womens study group in Cali.-ha!
    7. Lots of shopping close by and convenient… many Starbucks
    8. Bomb fires on the nights on the beach
    9. California scenery…except on the freeways!
    10. Oh and not having to worry about staying in shape as much…(big ha ha)

    I would not trade my life here in CT. for anything… tho I do terribly miss Calif and many friends… I know you can relate Rach. Life here is good for where we are now as a family and I have never been closer to my man that I am here.. 🙂

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    that’s a lot of smiley faces Joann…glad you’re here.

    No Michael I wasn’t even eluding to that, wait till she reads this!haha, this is how rumors start!

    Stephanie, before you know it we’ll be sleeping in (or so they say, not sure I really believe it)!

  5. Sarette Says:

    1. When my best friends lived in this state, not away at college. (Although we’ve actually gotten closer since they’ve been away.)
    2. My very first small group (with you, Rachel).
    3. When I wasn’t terribly busy all the time with school! High school was so easy.
    4. Christmases with my whole family… Probably won’t ever have one of those again.
    5. When I had a job and therefore wasn’t always broke.
    6. My Akita, Little Bear.
    7. Vacations… Haven’t had one in like four years because my family won’t do anything together.
    8. My grandma.
    9. Girls’ nights and sleepovers.
    10. Summer, swimming and tanning by my pool.

  6. Sarette Says:

    Wow, that was a little depressing!

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