Like brother, like sister

Wow! She loves her brother and wants to be just like him!  I’m thinking for now in life, our key is to raise him well and she will copy what he does!  I’m thinking realistically that is way to easy, cuz lets be honest, they are totally different in personality!  Haha, but it’s fun to watch her wanna be just like her big brother!  

img_4257This picture is from about 6 weeks ago!  

img_4491And this one just recently!  Look at her squeal in delight about being next to her big brother! Too cute!


6 Responses to “Like brother, like sister”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Rachel, she is hilarious….Oh my word. I could take that a cover an entire wall. You must NEVER lose it. She is just so precious.
    AND look at him, the little honey. The first pic looked like they were dazed out, LOL. Great shots.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Dad is laughing…OMGsh, he is still laughing. thank you so much for this shot.

  3. Stephanie Groeper Says:

    How can you stand them. I would never be able to go to work. They are awesome. I swear I’m going to have no teeth left from gritting them. I just love them so!!!!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Hey Stef, I put them on my desk top…that way I can laugh more often…you’re poor teeth, did you see the wisp of hair in the air?
    OMGsh, I could hug so tight, and Mr. there, just sipping away involved in a show, could care! LOL

  5. jolittle Says:

    Is she a minature Rachel or what… she is so blessed with her personality… 🙂 (no offense Mike)

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