about that date night…

So, we tried to get reservations to PF Changs, turns out you need to call quite a bit in advance.  They could have seated us at 10pm.  I don’t know about you, but one of my resolutions was to lose the extra “baggage” I seem to be carrying around on my body.  Therefore, no 10pm dinners for me, maybe if I were 21, but I’m not so forget it!  Never mind the fact that we have two small children who never got the memo about sleeping in.  If we ate at 10 that would mean bed around 1am, and in our house we tend to start our day about 5:30 or 6am.  So, all in all, a 10pm dinner would be a real recipe for disaster in my life…

We ended up eating here:

home_logoand the great part was, we got to enjoy the company of this couple!

n729520934_1278I think we must have sat for an hour and half after dinner was over.  We have never done that before!  I can say, I really think I’m lucky for  developing an awesome new friendship through this journey of church planting with Dominique.  Dominique is an amazing woman, she is so much fun to talk to  and easy to hang out with!  I don’t know about Josh and Dominique,  but Mike and I had a great time!  Thanks you two for such a fun evening, I’ve decided we really have to do it again soon!  And, someday we’ll make it over to your place for dinner and a movie…Oh, and we’ll get to PF’s someday!


One Response to “about that date night…”

  1. Dominique Fazzino Says:

    Thanks so much Rachel. You are sweet! Too kind : – ) Well you know can never be too kind. We had a blast on our Date Night. I was talking to Josh on the way home about definitely we have to go on another date night soon.

    You, yourself are an amazing woman. I don’t know how you keep up with everything that is going on in your life, but god bless you! I think that is awesome. Keep up the good work and seriously let me know if there is absolutely anything you need/want me to do. If you and Mike need a break I would be happy to watch the kids.

    Well hope your week is going well and we will chat soon!

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