Any Takers???

I have been really searching for a study to do at home with my quiet time, actually I’e been praying and searching for months.  You know, a study that I can really dig and go deeper with my Savior.  I love when I live to get into His Word…well, I’ve been praying for the right study, and I just knew it was gonna be something other than this!  But, I’m feeling this is where He wants me to go…any takers? Come along if you’d like and we can chat about it as we go on this journey separately yet together!

e9e571a88da068ca09bce110_aa240_lI have done a couple studies on Esther, but they have never been in depth.  I know there is a lot God wants to do in my life, ways He wants to change me, ways He wants to relate with me, ways He wants me to never be the same!  Here is my commitment.  I’m ordering my book ASAP and can’t wait to dive in!  There will be no videos for me at this time…but if anyone out there has the videos and can lend them to me, I’ll be happy to take you up on the offer!


14 Responses to “Any Takers???”

  1. rachellarkin Says:

    I think my mom may decide to do this…we’ll see!

  2. faith Says:

    I need a study so yeah I’d like to do it too! Where are you ordering from?

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    I ordered from It’s 14.95 but with tax and shipping is like almost $23. I can’t wait to have conversations on this study!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Got mine! $14.95 no S&H

  5. rachellarkin Says:

    from where…do tell!

  6. Sandra Says:

    Life Way here in Charleston. You should have purchased all the books from the Christian Book Store, Rocky Hill, $14.95 plus tax.
    Given em a call and see if they do that, or amazing grace down the shoreline. One of the 2. Let me know

  7. daniellewilson Says:

    I’m in!!!

  8. Sarette Says:

    I would really love to do this, but I’m so busy right now! I will pray about it and we’ll see.

  9. Sandra Says:

    Let me get this clear..Rachel, are you meeting with everyone, or are you having everyone do the study individually and then facebook about it? How ya planning this thing? Love and hugs, M

  10. rachellarkin Says:

    I’m having everyone do it on their own! then we can do little emails and stuff to comment about it and share with each other how we are growing and learning! This is not a Bible study that we meet weekly for!

  11. steph Says:

    Me! I want to do it!

  12. Sarette Says:

    I am thinking I will wait, although this one sounds awesome! Would you do me a favor, though, and let me know if the videos are totally necessary once you’ve done it? If you use them, that is.

  13. daniellewilson Says:

    I ordered my book! the hounding worked! haha.

  14. jolittle Says:

    I dont know where I have been that I never saw any of these..
    when are you starting… or did you already

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