We had us some old fashion hide and seek…

I got to stay home on Wednesday this past week due to the ice storm we had.  I was scheduled to work at about 6:30am. I woke up and started to get ready, then looked outside…woke up Michael who said “We’re not going”. At this point in time we are living with only one car, so in order to get to work, Mike and the kids had to bring me in (all of us together at about 6am). Since our walkway and parking lot was a plain old sheet of ice, I passed on working. After all, we need our one truck and we do love our children, so why risk all that just for a day of work?

Aidan was so excited that mom was staying home with him! I asked him what do you wanna play?  and without hesitation he said, “hide and seek”…I agreed to his request!  Here’s our first round of hide and seek.

img_44841After this I figured, oh, I have this game in the bag…so, lets play “for real”.  I actually closed my eyes and counted. Then, much to my dismay, I could NOT find my three year old son!  Hello, I’m thirty-two, I should have this “in the bag”!  Aidan played just like he should, I called his name and he was quiet as a mouse.  Then I stopped and listened, I could hear him breathing in excitement, so naturally I followed the breathing, 

into the hallway…no Aidan

into the bathroom…no Aidan

into the living room…no Aidan

into the kitchen…no Aidan

But I hear him!  Where is he?  Oh, it never dawned on me to look here!


For those of you who don’t know, this hiding spot is in my pantry below the bottom shelf, and he was curled up so tightly I couldn’t see even a little piece of him!


For a split second I thought, hmmm, maybe work would have been a better idea, I can’t lose my son while I’m working?  Then I thought, “oh man, I’m in trouble, my 3 year old can dupe me already!  I’m in for one long haul!”


2 Responses to “We had us some old fashion hide and seek…”

  1. Stephanie Groeper Says:

    He is so smart!!! He must get that from you! JK Michael. I love the pictures of him. Thanks for blogging about them. I feel like I’m not so far away!!!!

  2. Sandra Says:

    Me too

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