What a Sunday

I was excited yesterday to have the chance to sit in a church service. There were so many people there, it was so cool to see. I had to sit almost in the very back! Anyway, the message was good, and Mike gave us some really good stuff to take home and “chew on”. I’ve decided to take this next week to really focus on the idea of “am I really all in” for this church plant? I think if we all sit and evaluate ourselves personally, surely God will show us an area where we can be “tweaked” by Him. I’m thinking of my work, my home, my marriage, my quiet time with my Savior, and many other aspects of life. God is speaking to me and it is so strong. I love when I can feel His presence, it’s an amazing thing. These past few weeks my prayer has been for God to give me a desire to know Him and want to spend time with Him. Then I decided to not just stop with that, but to go further and ask Him to put my desire into action. I can say this is a request I think He will answer every time. I’m excited to become a better person through the power of Christ Jesus and see what is going to happen through it. In order for me to be what I need to be for the church launch I know there are priorities I must change! I’m starting with trying to really focus on my home. I need my children and husband to know they are priority to me above everything else (except Christ). This is so challenging in this century, but I have no doubt that Christ will guide me through this and help me to “weed out” the unnecessary things in life that I’m spending my time doing! Anyway, this rant is going way to long and I have a family to tend to! Good night…we’ll talk again soon 🙂


One Response to “What a Sunday”

  1. Sarette Says:

    I am praying pretty much the exact same thing this week… For a stronger desire to know and spend time with God, all distractions out of the picture! I know we are all constantly in need of improvement somewhere, but just know that you are an incredible role model for me and you are so awesome Rachel! Can’t wait to start up journey groups again!

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