What a fun year it was for Aidan and Cameron!  This had to be the best Christmas year so far in our home with children.  We got lucky in so many ways.

 For one, our kids don’t quite the idea that “santa” comes in the middle of the night, therefore they didn’t wake every hour through the night and they didn’t even get up “super” early. Instead they went to sleep and woke at their regular time only to be very pleased as they walked into the living room!  

Second, at age three and one, we can’t go wrong the gifts (the amount or the cost)…”santa” didn’t have to go overboard in the least and lets face it, with church planting this couldn’t happen at a better year for us!  Very cool.

Third, we were so lucky to see how happy and content they were when the gift giving extravaganza had finished.

 Have I said I’m a lucky mommy and wife…cuz I really am.  Take a look at my little guys (oh, and Aidan decided he doesn’t like camera flashes thus the reason for his expression during the picture):

img_4357Cammy loved her basinet and baby, while Aidan really liked his new Thomas stuff!


3 Responses to “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

  1. randirobot Says:

    what a great picture! glad you guys had such a great christmas!

  2. jolittle Says:

    aww awesome… I am still waiting for the pic of you girls in your matching pj;s… ha!

  3. rachel Says:

    haha, I’m working on that still, it’s been a crazy week!

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