What a year this will be

Looking at Yankee stats from last year, wondering how they finished so close? The answer, the Red Sox really suck. Not sure you believe me? Look at these numbers from ’08:
Pettitte 14 losses 4.54 

Ponson 4-4 losses 5.85 (15 starts)

Rasner 10 losses 5.40 (20 starts)

Wang missed 1/2 season

Kennedy 0-4 8.17 (9 starts)

Hughes 0-4 6.62 (8 starts)

Pavano 5.77 (7 starts)

Igawa 0-1 13.50


Cano aweful

Jeter missed 12 games and played many injured

ARod missed 22 games

Matsui missed over 1/2 season

Posada missed over 100 games


Hawkins and his 5.71 ERA over 33 games is gone

Farnsworth is gone

Veras proved he is more than reliable in the pen

Ramirez is developing nicely

Giese has shown he is reliable in the pen

Bruney is lights out in the pen (missed most of the year)

Aceves is developing into a great pitcher in the pen

Marte was overused and all the people who know baseball figure he will certainly pitch better than a 5.40 ERA

Coke is unbelievable (12 games .61 ERA)

Oh, and we never even mentioned CC, AJ, and Teixeira!

With all of that, how did they finish so close? AGAIN the Red Sox suck! No chance this year!!!


5 Responses to “What a year this will be”

  1. faith Says:

    Rachel is this really you or Michael in disguise?

  2. steph Says:

    ha ha I was wondering the same thing.

  3. amy Says:

    Yeah this doesn’t sound like you Rach lol!

  4. Jo Says:

    definately Michael…

  5. Stolen Identity « Rachellarkin’s Weblog Says:

    […] make?  I believe so, and I think maybe, just maybe, I may have fallen victim to that!  Just click here. Not sure if I know what any of this means, I really thought for a second though that I wrote it, […]

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