We got this great papasan chair from a neighbor of Kyle and Joann’s.  Aidan loved it.  It was his “hang out” chair.  We would move the chair to the middle of our living room at night and Aidan would enjoy a nice glass of chocolate milk or water in it and just veg out before bed.  He loved that chair.

img_4149He’s so cute.  Anyway, we had some people over last weekend to play X-Box, and eat some pizza and wings.  The night was so much fun (minus my whining dog), and about half way through the evening, my poor papasan chair, took it’s last hit!  

brendan-chairYeah that’s right! My poor papasan chair fell victim to Brendan.  May she RIP!  Despite the papasan seeing it’s last day, we had a great night!  That Brendan is one hilarious dude!  Oh and by the way, this is the second papasan we have been through, something is telling me, they aren’t able to survive in our house!

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Eat lots and enjoy family 🙂


3 Responses to “RIP”

  1. randirobot Says:

    hahaha that was the funniest thing ever!

  2. stephlsblog Says:

    That stinks. Poor Aiden. Zachary liked to sleep in that chair when it was in the nursery at Joann’s too.

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