Christmas Cookies already???

Oh yes, that’s right!  We are starting the Christmas spirit in our house!  I decided to do sugar cookies with the kids. Then, I  was crazy enough to paint the cookies with icing! Oh wait, let me re-phrase that:  I was crazy enough to have the children paint the cookies with icing! See for yourself:

img_4126Look closely, Aidan already has a bite taken out of his candy cane, and his lips have icing on them too!

img_4135Then there is my sugar baby…you can see she skipped out on the paintbrush and decided to go straight for a spoon to decorate her cookies! 

Don’t worry for “Angel Tree” I promise I won’t let my kids help with the baking part! 




4 Responses to “Christmas Cookies already???”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Aidan looks like he’s painting a whale, glad you told me it was a candy cane, I noticed the icing on his lips immediately, LOL. What a riot. A “miss” Camster, what a little doll. Easier to lick a spoon then a brush, the brush tickles, the spoon satisfies. LOL.
    Glad you put these pics on, such little treasures. Ummm, good.
    I hope you and Mike joined them in the fun.

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    mom, we did not join in the fun…and we def didn’t eat any of their painted creations! hahaha…they were licking the cookies, the brush and the spoon,they are my babies but even I wouldn’t eat those cookies! hahaha…hope you’re doing well!

  3. codybreault Says:

    Man, What awesome kids.

  4. stephanie Says:

    WOW!!! Look at all the fun that happens in the Larkin household. Aidan looks very serious about his “art work”. Miss Cameron she is just plain beautiful. Love them both. By the way You are a GREAT Mom, Rachel. Keep up the great work.

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