Apple and Pumpkin picking at Lyman’s

While I wasn’t able to post we did our annual pumpkin and apple picking at Lyman Orchards.   The kids absolutely had a blast!  Cam was a little annoyed cuz she couldn’t walk well…the ground was way to bumpy from the tractor coming up and down the orchard.

dsc00838she eventually got over it and had about 4 pumpkins and 2 bags of apples at the end of our day!


Aidan, loves doing this stuff, it’s like tearing him away from candy to get him to leave!  He could spend all day at this place!

dsc00829this is the first year he could really pick the apple without any help, man they grow so quickly!

dsc00846Aidan ended his day with 2 bags of apples, a white pumpkin and a huge orange pumpkin.  The big pumpkin was so huge between Lorraine and I we had trouble getting it to the shed to pay for it, it was crazy!  We enjoyed the apples and pumpkins but they are officially now all gone.  I guess we’re looking forward to having a visit from Santa now and making a cake for Jesus’ birthday!


2 Responses to “Apple and Pumpkin picking at Lyman’s”

  1. Sandra Says:

    What gorgeous color. Those kids just make the whole pumpkin patch and apple orchard! If it wasn’t for them, those places wouldn’t be anything, I’ll tell ya that! We are still enjoying our ‘gala’ apples from Lymans, they are so nice, cold and snappy. Dad and I share one. Yes, share, can you believe it? Ummmm, so good with cheese , too.
    Thanks for those pictures, they are snappy looking as well. You have such beautiful children.

  2. stephlsblog Says:

    That’s so great! I love going there. We didn’t get a chance to go pumpkin picking this year, but we are def going to take our kids next year. Your kids are so precious. I’m so glad my kids get to grow up with them. Also, I think it’s really really cool that you guys make a birthday cake for Jesus. I may end up stealing that idea. Have a great day!

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