Finger Painting

I can’t believe how much my kids enjoy finger painting!  Cammie just started painting and I think she loves the texture on her fingers, but somehow she can’t manage to keep the paint solely on her hands and the paper!  

dsc00854She’s always in dire need of a bath after painting!


dsc00853Aidan LOVES this painting stuff, in fact we have a book all about painting, after reading it, this is what he did with his paint, look below:



I love this boy!  Pray for him today as he goes to first day of preschool alone, actually, maybe it’s me and Michael who need your prayer, haha!


6 Responses to “Finger Painting”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Love the painting pics!!! You guys have to try pudding painting next!!! Hope all is well! Happy holidays!!!

  2. Anna Says:

    That’s AWESOME! they look so cute! and so much fun! I love doing art stuff with Holden and Makenna!

  3. Sandra Says:

    Absolutely love those pictures, look at his smile. He certainly did enjoy himself. Hope preschool went well for him, yes, we pray for the parents, we know they need it more, LOL. Love Cameron’s head, I could still kiss it and kiss it. Dad’s howling.

  4. StephG. Says:

    WOW!!! That looked like a lot of fun. Every preschool teacher I know would be proud of you for letting your 2 little ones for painting like that. Aidan, I heard you had a great first day today at school. Auntie Fifs is very proud of you. What a big boy you are.

  5. jolittle Says:

    I love arts and crafts with kids… so fun and I agree that it is awesome that you let your kids have fun like that and don’t freak out over the mess. I did pudding painting with Haylee but then she would always eat the regular paint too…ha!

  6. Lauren Woods Says:

    Love the paint on the head. I’m so glad you have a good time with them when they paint and you don’t worry about where the paint is going. So many of my students don’t have paints at home because they are “too messy”. You’ll be rewarded with wonderful, joyful drawings. Real treasures.

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