I just don’t know

I just don’t know…I had to work today, and toward the end of my shift I got a voicemail. It was from Michael and went something like this: “Can you stop and get OREO’s on your way home. Thanks, Bye.  So, I decided I would do that for him.  Anyway at some point in my travels,  I ran into two children. A boy and girl.  I struck up a conversation with the boy.  He looked to be only about 10 but as we talked I learned he was already 13.  Throughout our conversation I examined the kids and realized they were both dirty.  I knew right away their precious faces were dirty, but any child who has had a “fun” day is dirty by the end of it, but these cuties were truly dirty.  Their nails, fingers, palms, hands, necks, ears, and it goes on and on…(I don’t think they have bathed for weeks and I’m not kidding in the least).  At that very moment my heart broke, I hurt so badly inside for them.  I asked them, “where is your mom?”  And the one child answered so nonchalantly “Oh she is at school tonight”. Turns out their mom works full time and also goes to school at night.  They don’t have a dad that is active at all in their lives.  We talked more and more and I found out the children were home alone a lot and frequently walked to “Dunkin Donuts” and other area businesses for food at night, and even on days when they had no school.  The one child began to tell me all kinds of things going on at home…it was crazy!  I thought for a moment this can’t really be true???? Can he really be this grown up and have this much responsibility?  Then I looked again in his eyes and realized it has to be true! He looked so old for his age, and not because of height or development, just because of his eyes and the baggage he carried when he spoke.  His baby sister just smiled and swayed back and forth as her hero conversed with me.  It was so sweet.

 I’m broken as I sit and write this tonight.  I’m so thankful God has given me two precious treasures (well, maybe three…and no, I’m not pregnant, I’m referring to my sweet husband!).  I’m so grateful we have a chance to raise our children in a safe environment, to raise our children in a family where each week they will attend church and learn of a Christ who loves them and gave Himself for them, to raise our children in a place where they will be warm, clean, and clothed.  I can go on and on about this.  I love my children and couldn’t help but lay with Aidan tonight as I tucked him in bed and squeeze him with all my love and tell him “mommy loves you”.  I’m so grateful God has given me the ability to love and care for my children!


 As I drove home tonight I prayed for these children…may they one day hear of the love Christ has for them.  Then I ask myself…why didn’t I tell them tonight?  I just don’t know…


4 Responses to “I just don’t know”

  1. Cody Breault Says:

    You have the most amazing experiences with talking and meeting people…

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    Unfortunately, I wish this one was better…I think I hae these experiences cuz I’m a “talker”…for lack of a better term. hahaha

  3. Sarette Says:

    Honestly, Rachel, you could talk to anyone, couldn’t you? Haha this is awesome, though. And even if you didn’t share the love of Christ with them in words, they must have known there was something different about you… Why else would he have opened up to you? You are such a sweet person!

    And, you had my jaw dropping with that, “well, maybe three” lol.

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    hahaha…I read it and realized what people may think, so I felt the need to clarify “three”…good thing. You’re funny and thanks for the encouragement

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